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PETZL Unisex'S Arial 9.5 Mm Rope, Red, 80 M

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  • No Fur
  • Diameter: 9.5 mm; Weight per meter: 58 g
  • Rope type: (CE EN 892, UIAA): single rope; Construction: 40 time; Materials: Polyamide
  • Sheath percentage: 40%; Number of falls factor 1,77: 7
  • Static elongation: 7.6%; Dynamic elongation: 32%; Impact force: 8,8 kN
  • Length: 80 m

Single Rope Light And Durable With A Diameter Of 9.5 Mm With Duratec Dry Treatment For Climbing And Mountaineering. Lightweight And Sturdy, Arial 9.5 Mm Is A Single Rope Designed For Climbing And Mountaineering. This Rope Benefits From The Duratec Dry Treatment To Guarantee Him The Maximum Longevity And Performance In All Conditions. With A Great Ratio Diameter / Resistance, It Is Perfectly Suited To Climbers Who Want A Durable String To Work And Concatenate The Streets. Thanks To Its Excellent Prehensility And Handling, Maneuvering Is Facilitated. Resistant Rope For The Job Of Ways: - Thick Sock That Provides Excellent Abrasion Resistance, - Great Value Diameter / Resistance, - Reinforced Resistance, Thanks To The Duratec Dry Treatment, - Ultrasonic Finish Finish: The Core And Sheath Are Joined At Their Ends Thanks To A Finish Ultrasound Call Ultrasonic Finish. It Allows A Greater Resistance And Avoids Breaking The End Of The Rope. Ease Of Use: - Flexible Rope That Facilitates To Rope In Insurance Devices, - Everflex Treatment: Specific Heat Treatment That Stabilizes The Wires And Makes The Most Homogeneous Rope. It Provides Excellent Prehensility And Constant Handling In Time, - Duratec Dry Treatment For Use On Rock, Mixed, Ice Or Snow: Hydrophobic Treatment That Allows The Rope To Be More Resistant To Water, Dirt And Abrasion. The Handling, Prehensility And Characteristics Are Preserved Longer In Cold Conditions And Humidity, - Climbready Wrapping: Special Wrapping To Make The Rope Ready For Use. Avoid Unwinding Incorrect Maneuvers By The User And Increases Longevity. Prehensility That Facilitates The Maneuvers: - 40 Fused Grip For Better Control, - Middle Marking Mark: Distinction Half-Rope For Easy Maneuvering.