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SGT KNOTS All Gear Arborist Climbing Rope - Polyester Tree Safety Line (1/2" - 12- or 16-Strand, 7/16" - 24-Strand)…

Original price $194.90 - Original price $390.90
Original price
$194.90 - $390.90
Current price $332.90
Color: Neon Red With Orange Tracers
Size: 24-Strand, 7/16" x 150ft
  • Polyester
  • Climbing Line: A dependable arborist climbing rope designed by All Gear, a leader and pioneer in the arbor rope industry. Built from 100% polyester strands, this high strength, low-flex cord can handle the heavy loads and friction that tree work require.
  • Polyester Benefits: Polyester has the least stretch and flexibility among the common synthetic rope materials and won’t sag, slip, or distort under exertion. The synthetic fibers are highly resistant to abrasion and built to handle excessive friction without tearing or fraying. A perfect rope for the outdoors, polyester is naturally resistant to moisture, UV ray degradation, and most weather.
  • High Tensile Strength: Our climbing ropes have a tested tensile strength ‌range of (6,300 pounds, 24-strand) to (7,500 pounds, 16-strand) ensuring you have a cord that can meet any of your project’s needs.
  • Availability: Choose between pre-cut lengths 120ft, 150ft, 200ft, or 600ft. Arborist Rope diameter thickness options: 7/16 inch or 1/2 inch. Available in 3 colors: Neon Orange with Yellow Tracers (Safetylite), White with Red Tracers (Forestry Pro), or Neon Red with Orange Tracers (Cherry Bomb).
  • Veteran Owned & Operated: Just like the Marine Corps, SGT KNOTS is committed to be the best of the best. We continue to live by the motto, Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful. Our loyalty to our customers is what makes us who we are, and the reason we continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. We promise to maintain the strength and consistency of our products. We also pass down our bulk savings to our customers.