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Campingandkayaking Made in the USA Sale. Paddle/Rod/Gear Leash Now with Cinch Lock, 3 Black Leashes and 1 Carabiner. Built to Last.

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  • American Owned, USA Made! Now with Cinch Lock! NO HOOK & LOOP TO FAIL! 3 black gear leashes included and 1 carabiner. Hardware imported.1 leash for the paddle, 2 additional leashes for rods or other light gear. If a super long leash is needed, they simply loop together.
  • Fixed elongation, Will not over stretch and loose elasticity. Woven construction and long bar-tack sewn, Built to last.
  • 20 inches of elongation keeps it out of the way but gives you the reach you need when paddling or reeling in the big one.
  • Leashes, good for the water or the woods to keep your light gear safe.
  • A great wading leash. The 20" bungee section takes just the right amount of force to make this a great wading leash. The bungee reduces the jerking of the kayak when attached to you while wading the shallows.

Product Description


American Owned

CampingandKayaking, Products designed by kayakers for kayakers

We are an Alabama based small business that started because we needed the gear that was not available. Years ago, before kayaking became popular good gear was hard to find so we made what we needed.

We were kayakers by heart but had real jobs. Our backgrounds were in industries that allowed us to develop the gear we needed. It seems a design engineer and a knowledgeable sewing and manufacturing person that loved kayaking were a great pair to start this little company. We have shipped hundreds of thousands of gear leashes all over the world. We have been copied by so many importers but we have never been duplicated. They really just don't understand the needs of the users.

We design and manufacture all of our Gear Leashes in Alabama, USA. We are CampingandKayaking, We know what works.

3 Pack Black Paddle Leash Now with Cinch Lock, Grips like a Python.

Our unique little invention allows for a fail proof attachment. The leash "Cow Hitches" on the gear but has great advantage over other leashes. When you put it on and pull it tight, it applies a contentious pressure on the gear squeezing like a python holding it in place.

Don't trust your gear to a hook and loop attachment. It may look pretty, but the strength just isn't there.


Large Anodized Aluminum Carabiner with a stainless steel gate. Salt water can't touch this! Designed especially for our gear leashes with a large opening for versatile attachment points. Hardware Imported.