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Quik Measure Pro Fish Rulers Rod Decals (2 Pack) Fishing Rod Adhesive Tape Measure Stickers - Easy & Handy - 2 Waterproof 36" Clear Rulers Made in USA

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  • CONVENIENT - How many times have you caught a fish, but had no way to measure it? Or your ruler wasn't in reach? It stinks, we know. Got your rod? Then you're always ready to measure. Lighten your tackle box with fewer fish boards, tape measures, fish troughs, sticks, fish rulers & more. Great gift for all types of fishermen. Quik Measure Pro helps you fish more & lie less. Made in USA.
  • RELIABLE - Hold fish against rod & measuring sticker will be there every time. Never search for tape measures again, you'll already have a lightweight & unobtrusive ruler in your hand, every time! Faster & healthier fish releases mean more fish next time.
  • VERSATILE - Contours to large + small fishing rods, multi-piece rods, ice fishing rods, Fly fishing rods, Saltwater & Freshwater poles without affecting performance - Most discreet boat & kayak ruler around, paddleboards, fishing nets, coolers, fly rods, spearfishing, paddles, tackle boxes, shorefishing, surfcasting, contractors, workbenches, fishing accessories
  • TOUGH - 100% Made in USA waterproof adhesives paired with our durable materials hold strong in Saltwater, Freshwater, rain, sun, frozen temps + more whenever & wherever your need easy & efficient measuring
  • LOW-PROFILE - Two (2) transparent 36" inch waterproof measuring decals & instructions in every order, only 1⁄4" wide. For measurements over 36", simply adhere decals end-to-end for 72" measurements or more - Discreet design camouflages into background yet markings remain visible on all surface colors. Now featuring small tick marks at 1/2" increments for even more precise lengths. Quik Measure Pro UPC: 600164290004

How many times have you caught a fish, but had no way to measure it? It stinks, we know. That's why we're here to make sure that never happens again! In your order, you'll receive Two (2) transparent 36" inch measuring decals you can adhere to your fishing rods, which mean you'll measure fish easily & efficiently, everywhere you go, without ever being caught ruler-less again, courtesy of Quik Measure Pro, Made in USA. Your fishing stories are about to become a lot more believable... The ONLY fish ruler you'll always have within reach 100% of the time. Heavy duty waterproof self adhesive ensures your fish measuring sticker tape ruler stays where you stick them, with transparent design camouflaging into their background, while the measuring tape marks remain visible on all background colors on smooth surfaces. Ideal for easily measuring fish while boat fishing, kayak fishing, fly fishing, shore fishing, surf fishing, pier fishing, wade fishing, dock fishing, ice fishing, pond fishing, spearfishing, for all types of saltwater and freshwater fish. Anywhere you want to simplify your measuring, get a Quik Measure Pro Fishing Rod Ruler in place! With (2) two 36" inch long measuring decals in each package, you can measure fish up to 72" long by sticking the the decals end-to-end. Or put them on 2 separate rods, or buy one for a buddy and yourself! Being 36" long x 1/4" thin allows them to stick strong to everything from the thickest rods, all the way to contouring around ultralight rods, skinny rods, fly fishing rods & ice fishing rods. The versatility and creative ways to utilize these unobtrusive measuring stickers are . All versions now feature small marks at 1/2" increments for even more precise measuring. (Fishing rod(s), fish, cooler, hands, etc not included, simply the two transparent waterproof fish measuring stickers, instructions). Fishing Rod Measuring Decals 2 Pack by Quik Measure Pro UPC: 600164290004