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The Whales of Tonga: Swimming with Pacific Nomads

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Internationally published author Tim Rock has made numerous trips to Tonga and shares his insights into how to enjoy swimming with humpback whales. Humpbacks are magnificent Pacific nomads that migrate each year between Antarctica and Tonga, which is one of the few places in the world where visitors can legally swim with these amazing giants of the sea. The stunning 170 islands of Tonga offer adventure, culture, wonderful nature and marine mammals galore. Humpbacks are one of the most surface-active whales in the world and sometimes launch themselves from the sea in spectacular breaches.

This book is a bit of a new departure for Rock, who usually produces guides to famous scuba diving destinations. While Tonga does have some amazing scuba diving, in this book, he concentrates on viewing and interacting with humpback whales and the things one might experience during a Tonga whale season.

This unique offering looks at many aspects of Tongan humpback whale behavior, from their great annual migration to life among the Happy Isles. He has tips for above and underwater whale photography and tells fascinating tales of his personal experiences while swimming with humpbacks and folk he has encountered in the islands.

See over 175 amazing images of humpback whale behavior, heat runs, mating sessions, mother and calf interactions, Tongan life and the beauty of the islands.

This full color book explores each one of Tonga’s island groups from south to north.