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FE Active - Sleeping Bag 3-4 Seasons with Hood, Extra Long 90" X 31", Water Resistant Sleeping Bag for Outdoors, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking & Trekking

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  • DESIGN: Designed by outdoor enthusiasts from California, USA. The Ventura sleeping bag was designed for the year-round camper in mild to cold conditions. The materials and tech used were manufactured for a comfortable night's sleep camping in all weather conditions. This water-resistant, hooded, extra long sleeping bag, is your best bet while hiking and trekking.

  • CONSTRUCTION: The Ventura sleeping bag has a shell that is made of 210T polyester, a high count for cold weather conditions. The lining is also made of 210T polyester with a filling of 300gsm hollow polyester. This 3-4 season sleeping bag is constructed to meet some of the harshest conditions while camping and hiking.

  • DIMENSIONS: This lightweight, heavy-duty, envelope sleeping bag weighs in at just 3.5 lbs. The Ventura has an extended length of 90” and a width of 31”. It can comfortably be used in freezing temps at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and go as low as sub-zero at approximately 20 degrees depending on the user’s adaptations to cold weather.

  • Dual Track Zippers and Polyester Finishes: The inclusion of a dual-track zipper was an essential construction on the Ventura sleeping bag. This is a desired characteristic for many looking at increasing the convenience of opening and closing the sleeping bag from inside or outside the sleeping bag. Additionally, the polyester finishes both inside and outside allow for convenient cleaning (no cotton or cloth to attend to).

  • Hooded Entry: The Ventura sleeping bag comes equipped with a hooded entry and drawstring to close the hatch for those that prefer to decrease air entry even further. The hood also comes over your head, a vital part of the body that keeps the body temperature insulated. For those that wish to not utilize the hood, the extended material gives the sleeping bag an even greater length to extend yourself out for further comfort.

  • S-Shaped Stitching Pattern: The S-shaped stitching pattern allows for slightly less air entry that does not extend side to side for more opportunities for the cold air to enter. Normal envelope sleeping bags include an end to end stitching which creates joints where the stitching meets creating greater chances for outside temperatures to penetrate the sleeping bag. The S-shaped stitching pattern limits those possibilities.

  • Compression Carrying Sack: The Ventura sleeping bag includes a compression carrying sack with installed fasteners to decrease the size of the sleeping bag once inserted in the compression sack. This utilization allows for the Ventura to take up minimal space on your backpacking, trekking, hiking, or camping backpack.

The Ventura Sleeping Bag was constructed with an extended length to accommodate slightly taller users. The generous additional material also allows those who prefer to have more legroom the ability to move them with freedom. This sleeping bag is built for warmth and comfort for a variety of hikers, campers and backpackers.