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Omnicore Designs Mil-Spec 5-Pc. Modular Sleeping Bag System 30F to -30F Mummy

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OmniCore Designs Mil-Spec 6-pc. Modular Sleeping Bag System features a temperature range of 30F to -30F and comes in two style:Mummy & Hooded Rectangular What is a Modular Sleeping Bag System? It’s a flexible 6-Piece system that when combined, is rated as low as -30° F. The modular design makes it easy to take or leave components depending on the forecasted weather conditions. Whether using just a single piece, like the breathable Waterproof Bivy cover, or combining all three bags together, this system is great for all weather conditions.
  1. COMPLETE MODULAR SLEEP SYSTEM: The OmniCore Designs Mil-Spec Modular Sleeping Bag system is constructed to insulate you in environments ranging from mild weather to extremely cold weather. The system consists of two Mummy Style sleeping bags that are each independently fully functional and combine together for maximum protection against mother nature’s most extreme elements!
  2. CUSTOMIZE FOR ALL CONDITIONS: When cold and wet weather is on the forecast then bring and use all three bags together to stay warm and dry using the Large System Compression Stuff Sack. Each bag can independently work with the Waterproof Bivy cover allowing you to save space and weight with the included SMALL System Compression stuff sack. Each bag can be used separately making the system bag a the perfect solution for family camping in the warmer months!
  3. TEMPERATURE RATING: -30°F = Bivy + 30°F Red Intermediate+ 20°F Black Patrol Bag. Insert the Red “Intermediate” Sleeping Bag inside the Black “Patrol” Bag and then both into the waterproof bivy for a Lower Limit Rating of -30°F. (please note: the INDUSTRY temperature rating standards are completed using test based on a non-moving dummy in a lab. For moving humans that value comfort we recommend adding 20°F-30°F degrees)
  4. 6-PACK SYSTEM INCLUDES: 6 pieces consisting of (1x) Vapor Permeable Water-Proof Bivouac "Bivy" Cover, (1x) 30F Red "Intermediate" 650 Duck-Down Cool Weather Sleeping Bag, (1x) 20F Black "Patrol" StratusLoft Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, (1x) Large Compression System Stuff Sack, (1x) Small Compression System Stuff Sack, (1x) 110L Storage Stuff Sack