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Palm Springs 5.3 Gal Portable Toilet

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  • Self-contained portable toilet for camping, boat, RV, or other recreation
  • Sturdy full-size seat/lid; lushes like residential toilet; matte finish conceals scratches
  • 3-gallon freshwater holding tank and 5.3-gallon waste-water holding tank
  • One-piece, leak-proof tanks made of high-density polyethene
  • Arrives fully assembled; 16.5" high x 13.5" wide x 12" deep; weighs 9.75 lbs

Don't get caught short when you are out and about camping, on a boat or RV - this heavy-duty portable toilet from palm springs provides some needed 'home comforts' that sure beat going behind a tree. Palm Springs has built this from heavy-duty, high-density polyethene, or HDPE - after all, you don't want what you've put in coming out again! We know it's hard to imagine what that 5.3 gallon equates to - so we'll go from our customer comments - "we only needed to empty it twice with 8 people for three days". The added bonus of the 5.3-gallon waste tank is it raises the height of the toilet to a more comfortable level - this is great for any folks who struggle to get up or down. Plus, it's got a built-in carry handle for easy transportation, so it's nice and portable.

Palm Springs 5.3 gal Portable Toilet: