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2K Fit Rowing Machine Chain Oil: 500 Hours of Rowing with One Bottle, Works with Concept 2 Model C, D, and E, Custom-Formulated for Rowing Machine Ergometer Chains - Compatible with Other Major Brands

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  • 500 HOURS OF USE: This bottle has enough oil to maintain the rowing machine for 500 hours of use- one teaspoon of oil should be added to the chain ever 50 hours of use
  • SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED CHAIN OIL: Other brands may have generic oil that is not meant for rowing machines. Ours keeps the rowing chain well lubricated and maintained for long periods of time between applications
  • UNIVERSAL ROWING CHAIN OIL: This rowing chain oil is compatible with all rowing machines that have an interlocking metal chain
  • EASY APPLICATION PROCESS: The bottle of oil has a quick 3 step process to apply the oil, and the directions are also written in the description
  • DESIGNED BY COLLEGIATE DIVISION 1 ROWER with 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE who has competed against Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Washington, won Eastern Sprints, and competed at the IRA National Championships.

The concept 2 rowing machine chain can get rusty and stiff over time. Don't let your fitness investment go to waste! As a business student and a Division I rower I designed the PERFECT chain oil formula for long lasting chain lubrication and protection.
Application Process:
1. Drip 1 teaspoon of oil onto a rag
2. Pull the entire chain out o the machine
3. Wipe the length of the chain with the oiled rag
Then do this process every 50 hours of rowing machine use