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2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (Model 3) for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine with Custom Gel That Fits the Concept 2 Rower, Waterrower Pad, Crew Boat, Sculling, Kayak, and Canoe

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  • PERFECTLY FITS ON CONCEPT 2 ROWING MACHINE: This rowing machine pad is perfect for rowers who want a THIN cushion to take the edge off. Look at our Model 1 and Model 2 cushions if you want more comfort. Also works on the Stationary recumbent bikes, Waterrower, Hydrow, Some outdoor rowing shells, boat, sculling, kayak, and canoe!
  • GEL SEAT PAD WITH NEOPRENE COVER: This Concept 2 seat cushion is 1cm thick but weighs more than a pound! This dense gel material provides a little comfort and support and doesn’t change your rowing angle so it’s perfect for experienced rowers!
  • SUPER NON-SLIP SURFACE: This rower seat cushion has a high friction rubberized material that prevents the seat pad from slipping off of the rower while erging - even during intense workouts!
  • DESIGNED FOR FREQUENT USE: This gel rower seat cushion can be rolled, folded, and takes up little space in your gym bag. Simply set the rower seat pad on the seat and row! Can be used even for multiple exercise sessions per day without wearing out!
  • DESIGNED BY DIVISION 1 COLLEGE ROWER who competed in the National Championships and won Eastern Sprints. We create the highest quality concept 2 rower accessories for all rowing levels. OUR MISSION IS TO EXPAND THE AWESOME SPORT OF ROWING!!

Product Description

1cm Thickness

This Cushion Minimally Changes the Height of the Rowing Seat!

Non-Slip Rubberized Surface

This High Friction Surface Prevents the Seat Cushion from Slipping Even During Intense Rowing Workouts!

Highest Quality Gel

One Pound of Supportive Gel That Distributes Your Weight Evenly!

Perfectly Fits the Concept 2 Rowing Machine!

Also Works Well With the WaterRower, Hydrow, NordicTrack, Sunny, and Other Rowing Machines!

Also Can Be Used in Outdoor Rowing Shells, Sculling, Sweeping, Kayak, or Canoe and will Float!

1cm Thickness

Optimal Thickness for Advanced Rowers Who Do Not Want Thick Memory Foam Cushions for Additional Comfort!

Non-Slip Surface

Will Never Move While You Are Rowing!

Flexible Gel

Can Be Rolled Up or Folded Into Your Gym Bag!

Does Not Absorb Water or Sweat!

Optimize Fitness!

This Cushion Allows You to Train Longer to Become 2K Fit!

Internal Material Duel Density: Memory Foam and NBR Foam Memory Foam Gel Neoprene
External Material Stitched Fabric Fabric Mesh Neoprene Silicon
Thickness 2 Inches 3 Inches 0.5 Inches 0.2 Inches
Best Feature Medium Thickness with Good Balance of Comfort and Support Maximum Thickness and Maximum Comfort Thinnest Cushion with Good Comfort from High Quality Dense Gel Our Newest Product
Brand 2K Fit 2K Fit 2K Fit 2K Fit