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98FT Finger Reel Scuba Diving, Aluminum Lightweight Scuba Finger Spool Reel with Double-Ended Bolt Snap Clip for Snorkeling Scuba Diving

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  • 98FT HIGH VISIBILITY LINE : The bright color scuba diving finger spool has a 98-foot high-visibility nylon line, which is easy to identify to improve underwater visibility and is long enough to meet your different needs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE MATERIAL: Our scuba diving reel is made of aluminum and is equipped with stainless steel double-end bolts, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • EASY TO HANG BUCKLE: The unique arc-shaped side design and double-ended prevent the thread from rotating on the spool when it is wound, and it is easy to roll on or off the spool. The thickness of the wire is only 2mm, which saves winding space.
  • LARGE CENTER HOLE: The larger hole is designed for bare hands wearing cold water gloves. The rotating connector is to prevent the wires from tangling and twisting, and it is easy to snap the buckle into the hole.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE ACCESSORIES: Scuba diving reel is essential for any safe shipwreck and cave diving exploration. It is a sling, SMB, diving pontoon, kayak, canoe, spear fishing, skiing or a multi-function as a guide accessories.

Product Description

98FT Aluminum Big Finger Spool Reel with Double Ended Hook Clip

Great gear equipment for cave diving, technical diving activities and a wide variety of diving applications.

Aluminum Alloy Big Scuba Diving Finger Spool Guide Line with Double-Ended Snap Bolt for Underwater Scuba Diving

98ft High Visibility Line

The 98-foot high-visibility nylon line is easy to identify to improve underwater visibility, and the length is sufficient to meet your different needs.

Durable Aluminum Material

High-quality aluminum, compact and lightweight hollow design, sturdy and durable, greatly reduce weight and increase winding space.

Large Center Hole

Bigger hole engineered for cold water glove and bare hands. Won't hurt your finger, swivel connector is to prevent line tangling and twisting.

Easy To Hang Buckle

The unique flared design can be easily wound with gloves under cold water. Attached with stainless steel double end bolt snap clip, strong, reliable and corrosion resistant.