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Archery Glove Is Main Archery Equipment in Bow and Arrow Game, Widely Used in Shooting Archery Targets for Backyard with Any Recurve Bow, Compound Bow and Youth Bow

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Size: Medium
  • MATERIAL : Real cowhide leather has been used to manufacture three finger archery gloves so it can easily be used for shooting with recurve bows & compound bows. In bow accessories, These ambidextrous hunting gloves are used for both right hand archers and left hand archers.
  • USAGE : This shooting glove is your safety measurement when you are in activity of bow and arrow for adults, Hence archery shooting gloves are mandatory part of archery set like basic archery arm guards, Arrow quiver and other archery accessories.
  • FITTING : There is an adjustable hook and loop strap plus extra elastic on end of this strap to offer better fitting and adjustment. This elegant fitting boosts your performance when you are shooting with any any youth or adult bow.
  • FUNCTIONALITY : There are real leather reinforced finger protectors on it which are durable and offer proper feeling of string so it is an ideal guard for fingers while holding bow string to shoot backstop or targets.
  • HOW TO MEASURE YOUR SIZE : Extend your hand flat, hold a ruler to measure your palm's length up to wrist, then compare your measurement with our size chart to choose your accurate sizing, remember that real leather always has natural elasticity in it, so don’t worry if it is little tight in your hand because it will adjust automatically when you continuously shoot 1-2 days.