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Aspen Stair Climber the Ultimate Uphill Workout Exercise Fitness Weight Loss Equipment - a Mountain of a Workout, without Requiring a Mountain of Space

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  • Gives a great low impact, high cardio calorie burn workout.
  • Uses more muscle groups then a treadmill workout.
  • Gives a larger range of movement then other exercise machines.
  • Improved joint flexibility and joint movement.
  • Improved truck (core) stability, balance and coordination.

Walking uphill, climbing a staircase, each are regarded as one of the best methods to increase cardio, strength and overall stamina. Its no wonder that indoor climbing apparatus have enjoyed a high regard. A variety of equipment providers, even treadmills now offer an uphill version. While all apparatus have their benefits, what's best for heavy commercial applications, light industrial and home use will really vary. First Degree Fitness Aspen is optimized for light industrial and home use applications. Every step on our Aspen StairMill earns high regard as the best uphill workout in a small foot print. First Degree Fitness only offers best in category solutions that deliver a great workout experience we call it practice perfect and so will you. Benefits of step climbing: For those who are serious about losing weight and burning more calories in less time, stair climbing versatile indoor fitness programs. As well as the obvious cardiovascular benefits also . 1 year manufacturer warranty.