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ASYCAN Fishing Cast Net with Flying Disc, 8/10/12 FT Magic Fishing Net Finefish Aluminum Ring Catch Fish Network for Bait Trap Fish Throw Net, American Throw Net Freshwater Fishing Tools

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Size: 360cm(11.8ft)
  • HIGH STRENGTH FISHING NET: This Sucastle fishing net is solid and strong with a long service time, Handmade. Copolymer monofilament mesh. mesh size accommodates most bait species. and high strength braided fishing line is better than white nylon fishing line, and more durable.
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Full copper 8-word rotary ring pressure seal does not open the wire, does not wind the net, the tension is large, strong and durable.
  • THROW A LLONGER DISTANCE: 10 meters upgrade, thickening, lengthening hand rope to help you throw farther.Tongxin weight net fall into the water fast,Definitely fast water, small sound, fishing effect is good.
  • EASY FISHING FACILITIES: Make capturing live bait easy and fun, provides significant savings in bait cost. Feels softer, throws easier, and lies flatter.Quality craftmanship and materials make this net a must have for any fisherman.
  • PREVENT ESCAPE: Provides quick sink and a tight bottom seal to prevent bait escape. Strong, tire thread braiding more durable and not easy to tear. secure closure on retrieval.Capture bait in deeper water or current.Easy operation,hand throw,wonderful fishing equipment whether you are novice or seasoned veteran.


Made of High Strength PE Fishing Line, Super Strong Quality.
Special Flying Disc Design, Easy to Cast for Long Distance.
Most Hot Selling Fishing Tools for Professional Fisher Men and Women.
Fit for River Pond Shoal Fishing.

Item: American Hand Cast Fishing Net Work
Material:High Strength Nylon Line + Stainless Zinc Plated Steel Sinkers / Lead Sinkers.
Note: Why is Lead Sinker Net More Expensive than Steel Sinker Net ?
1.Lead Sinker Net will Sink Faster than Steel Sinker Nets.
2. Lead Sinker will Never Get Rusted.
Mode(diameter)Fishing LineSinkersNet Hight Mesh Size Hand Rope Length
300cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 1.5m One hole 15m
360cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 1.8m One hole 15m
420cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 2.1m One hole 15m
480cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 2.4m One hole 15m
540cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 2.7m One hole 15m
600cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 3.0m One hole 15m
660cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 3.0m One hole 15m
720cmTyle lineSteel /Lead 3.6m One hole 15m

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