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Atflbox Resetting and Rotate the Metal Shooting Target Stand with 5 Steel Plates for .177 Caliber Pellet Pistol Airsoft BB Guns (Star)

by Atflbox
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  • Target Characteristics: The target is designed to magnetically attract 5 white circular targets. When you hit one of the targets, the target will fall, and the remaining targets will start to rotate, which is a dynamic shooting target. You need to reset it manually before you can shoot again. A clear sound will be emitted after shooting the target.
  • Features: The resetting gun target stand comes with five 2.1" carbon steel-made shooting targets. Constructed of heavy-duty strontium ferrite, our target resetting device withstands heavy shots.
  • Applicable Scope: Rated for .177 caliber, airsoft pellets and BB guns pistols firearms, pellet gun pistol for outside and indoor. The bb gun target for kids. But be sure to wear goggles. It’s more suitable to play on a table with a certain height.
  • The BB targets are easy to carry and are lightweight particle gun accessories. Some cheap air guns and children's BB guns or NERF are also suitable for this shooting stand.
  • The circular target is white, the main branch is black, and the target can be clearly seen from a distance. If you like more vivid colors, you can spray different colors or stickers on the target.