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AUTES Portable Folded Fishing Net Trap, Automatic Cast Dip Cage for Pond,Fish, Shrimp, Minnow, Crayfish, Crab, Crawdad Mesh Trap (6-16Holes)

Original price $31.90 - Original price $36.90
Original price
$31.90 - $36.90
Current price $31.90
Size: 6 Holes
  • PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE DESIGN: This automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap is quite light, convenient and simple,no need to install. Just pull the string on the top and the net will be automatically opened, button device-the net folding when pressed.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: quality and durable steel wire support and Net made of highly nylon material, it is lightweight and tough. Other components have waterproof protection for extra durability.
  • EASY TO USE: Portable 6-16 Holes automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap, only need to Put some delicious baits into the little gauze bag and drop this fish trap for large fish deep into water, 16holes have special large zipper design for easy take out the prey.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: It’s 360 degree strong design allows to catch different kind of fishes and eel, crab, lobster, minnow, shrimp, craw fish, etc. Meet your multiple needs and have fun anticipating your catch.
  • FISHING NET DIAMETER: Fishing net length: 85cm /33.46in, Height: about 31cm / 12.20in, Length after folding: 61cm/24.01, Weight: about 340g.AUTES Fishing tackle shop always brings innovative solutions for its customers. Please, buy with confidence.

Product Description


This fishing net trap is easy to use bait net for fishing. Just unfold it and put the pier fishing net bait in the cage and put the cage in water, that’s all.


OPEN:Drag the key across the hole until the fishing net stands stably,The key

CLOSE:Push the key down hard, the net will close up immediately.


Only 16 Holes Fishing Net with zipper shrimps and crabs can be taken out from the zipper.


Pvc material bind-foot design can make bracket and fishing net wrapped tightly , so that it is tight and will not loose thread.


The bottom of the 6-hole and 12-hole fishing nets has fish-take-out openings. Before entering the water, you need to make a buckle and open it when you take the fish.

Large Fish Hook

Big fish ditch is suitable with chicken legs and fish head and other meat dishes.

The opening of the hook is tight and sharp, Please be careful with it.

Fishing Net Mate

In order to give you a good fishing experience we equip you with all the accessories and tools you need for your fishing net.

  • 10pcs Large mylon cable ties
  • 20pcs Small nylon ties
  • 2pcs Small Fish Hook
  • 1pcs Large fish hook
  • 1pcs Nylon Rope
  • 1pcs Fish float

1>Capture principle

After the crab cage is put into the water, the fish and shrimp think it is a good nesting place, they swim into the side of the cage with the fish hole, the entrance unique design, so that the fish and shrimp have in and Can't out. After every time the net will be put away, and then pour out can.

2> How to use

One side is tethered to the river, the other side is thrown into the river, the depth of the water required for the crab fish trap nets, generally the water depth is controlled at 1-3 meters.The depth of the net should be 1-3 meters, not too deep, the water is too deep, the first is not good for the net, the second is not good.

The choice of bait: catch small fish usually use steamed buns, leftover rice, broken bones, soybean flour, peanut flour, bread crumbs, and so on.

Lobster, crab, and turtle fishing usually use raw fishy chicken intestines, raw fishy pork liver, field chicken, crushed bones, screw meat, etc.

(Tip: You need to cut the zipper of the 8-sided 16-hole crab net by yourself)