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BDJY 5 Pieces Bicycle Accessories,Rechargeable Bicycle Light Set,Bike Water Bottle Holder,Bike Aluminum Bicycle Bells for Adults,Aluminum Alloy Bike Phone Mount ( Included 2 USB Cables)

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  • Contains: the package includes 5 pieces bicycle accessories. With 2 USB rechargeable bicycle lights (including 2 USB cables),1 piece aluminum bike bell and 1bike Bottle cage and 1bike Mobile Phone Holder ; They are convenient and easy to store, carry, install and disassemble.The combination bicycle accessories set is suitable for riding lover.
  • Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder Compatible With Most Mobile Phones, GPS, Can hold 4 to 7 inch phones he metal phone mount will hold your cell phone tightly on the bicycle,the Sponge also protect your cell phone.It can be rotated 360 degrees without unloading.
  • Water cup holder:The water cup holder is made of high-end plastic, suitable for all kinds of bottles, water bottles, cans with an outer diameter of less than 2.75 inches.You can use the Phillips screw in the middle to easily adjust the direction of the cup holder as needed. It is more convenient to use.
  • Bike headlight and taillight: both the bike headlight and taillight are USB rechargeable,with 2 USB cables.Three lighting modes, high, low, and fast flashing, can be switched freely according to your needs; The bike headlight and taillight are waterproof.It can be used in rainy days.The night lighting is extensive, making your riding safer.
  • Bike bell : the bike bell is made up of aluminum, which is not easy to get rust.The volume can reach to 90-100 db,it is loud enough to alert the passerby and cars.

Product name: bicycle phone holder, bicycle water cup holder, bicycle bell, bicycle front light, tail light Bicycle Accessories Bicycle accessories can make people live a more convenient life with bicycles, facilitate people's travel and make your travel more comfortable. Mobile phone bracket can liberate your hands. Bicycle lights can help you move forward at night when the road is not clear. Bicycle water cup can make your water cup more firm, and provide you with convenient drinking water. Bicycle bell can help you remind pedestrians and vehicles to take care of themselves And animals, protect your travel safety. Bicycle lamp The front and rear lights of the bicycle group can help you travel easily at night, illuminate the road, protect your safety and make you sail far away Bicycle mobile phone bracket can make it more convenient for you to browse mobile phone, watch video, chat, see map, suitable for a variety of occasions, free your hands, make your life more convenient. Bicycle water cup The bicycle water cup can help you carry the water cup, solve your thirst when you ride, and help you go far. It is suitable for a variety of water bottle sizes. It can firm your water cup and prevent it from falling off. It is also suitable for baby's car and can put baby's milk bottle Bicycle mobile phone bracket can make your riding more convenient and safe. You can browse your mobile phone and watch maps at any time. It is suitable for motorcycles, bicycles and mountain bikes. Bicycle lamp and bicycle bell Bicycle lights can help you travel at night, light up the road clearly, use Product weight: bicycle phone holder: 0.2 pounds Bicycle water cup holder: 0.22 pounds Bicycle bell: 0.09 pounds Bicycle front light: 0.09 pounds Bicycle tail light: 0.07 pounds Material: Polyester, Aluminum alloy