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BIGSHOT Iron Man 30 Personal Range Target

Original price $323.90 - Original price $323.90
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$323.90 - $323.90
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  • Tuning faces get you dialed in for hunting season
  • Custom face material able to withstand weather and thousands of shots
  • Wrapped in a waterproof corrugated shell and solid exterior frame
  • Easy two finger arrow removal every time
  • Sturdy steel handle

Product Description

The Most Technically Advanced Targets in the Industry

  • Incredible Stopping Power halting arrows and bolts from accurate high speed bows making it perfect for the crossbow enthusiast or competition shooters who need stopping power for hunting, competition, micro diameter or other arrows and bolts.
  • 460 fps Speed Rating easily stops any current compound, crossbow or airbow out on the market!
  • Easy Removal from the Iron Man Series makes for the perfect backyard archery target. Arrow lube or arrow puller not required even from bows like the Ravin, Ten Point, Sub One and Scorpyd!
  • Indoor or Outdoor personal range target is versatile for all distances and shooting styles. Wrapped in a weatherproof corrugated shell displaces water.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Handle is up to the challenge of moving the target in and out of the shed or being left out in the weather during summer practice. No longer worry about handles ripping out when you need them most.
  • Multiple Shooting Spots for diverse shooting and extended target life.

Personal Range Target for Backyard or Indoor Archery

  • Arrow tuning face is ideal for tuning a compound bow or sighting in a crossbow scope.
  • Shot in independent indoor and outdoor ranges and is able to outlast traditional bag targets every single time. The proprietary screen facing and target material is designed to take thousands of shots!
  • Sturdy rigid frame allows for a high compression material design which limits tunneling effect seen in most targets from repeated abuse. Wood frame can be screwed into to add accessories like eyelets to hang or wheels to move easily. Lastly, you will never have to worry about sagging or tipping of the target while practicing!
  • Weather resistant internal material expels water allowing the material to stop arrows in all conditions. Makes for an excellent backyard archery target for all seasons and weather conditions.
  • Field point use only.