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Bike Lights,Flashlight,New SLR Camera Style USB Rechargeable Bike Headlight and Tail Light Set,Lamp Head Can Zoom

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  • 1.Unprecedented Appearance:The bike lights for night riding lamp has a large SLR-style lamp head, which can focus and adjust the range of illumination..Irradiationdistance:300-500meters .Light color:White.LED color temperature:7500K.LED:T6/L2.Lens type:Optical lens. bike lights is fully suitable for night riding in sunny or thunderstorm days.Attention Please: Before Charge for Battery,Please Tear off " the protective Layer "from the battery first. This is the most important step 。Thanks
  • 2.Easy To Install: The bike lights front and back battery powered 360 degree rotation holder,This bracket is fixed by a bolt and a double-layer non-slip cushion rubber pad. It not only fits firmly on the bicycle frame, but also has a certain shock absorption function. It is stronger and more durable than the general belt type fixing. The lamp holder is loaded and unloaded in a slot type, which is convenient for charging and installation.
  • 3.Waterproof and Rechargeable: these bike lights front Waterproof rate:IPX 5(sml ln, Splash water),builtin 18650 batteries(2400mAh),The battery is removable, you can choose to charge or replace the AAA battery,Charge and di charge protection:buit in Overcharge and over discharge IC.Extending battery life.
  • 4.Charging Indication:LED is red,when charging,LED turn to green,when fully charged.Power capacity indication:When power is Suff cient,LED is green.When power is Insufficient,LED is red.The Bicycle lights front 3 switchMode:High/Low/Strobe.●lf bike light is not used for along time,please charge it every three months.
  • 5.Perfect after-sales service: WANFIRE bike lights led has strong factory support and is a professional bicycle light manufacturer. After you purchase, if you have any questions, please leave a message in our shop. We will give you 100% satisfaction within 12 hours Replies.Attention Please: Before Charge for Battery,Please Tear off " the protective Layer "from the battery first. This is the most important step 。Thanks

Product Description

USB Rechargeable

  • All USB ports can charge the front light and tail light of the bicycle light. All USB ports, including computers, power banks, cars, mobile phone chargers, etc., can add power to this bicycle light.

Lamp head astigmatism

  • This bike lights for night riding has a T6LED lamp beads. The irradiation range is very wide,Strong light scattering, it is as bright as the daytime. The battery capacity has truly reached 2400mAh, which is enough for 3-6 hours of light, which can fully meet daily use.

Lamp head focused

  • When This bike light is focused and illuminated, the light can reach a distance of up to 500+ meters. It can be clearly seen whether it is riding, searching for a target, or transmitting a signal. It can completely replace the use of a strong flashlight.

Easy to install

  • This bike lights front does not require any tools, no wiring is required, and the installation can be completed. It comes with Alloy base and bolt combination,, which can not only increase friction and stabilize the bicycle light when installed on the bicycle, but also have a buffering effect and reduce the shaking of the front light.