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Brightz Wheelbrightz LED Bike Wheel Lights – Pack of 2 Wheel Lights – Bicycle Light Decoration Accessories – Top 2021 Best Stocking Stuffer Present for Kids Teens Boys Girls Men Women

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$44.90 - $49.90
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Color: Blue
  • GET YOUR GLOW ON – Designed with a full 7-feet of weather-resistant tubing and 20 micro LED lights these bicycle wheel lights for front and rear wheels create a brilliant, colorful glow that lights up the night with dazzling spinning colors
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES – Each 7-foot long strand can easily fit bike wheels 20 inches - 29 inches. Wheelbrightz can be cut to size or spiraled within the wheel to help you create a clean, precise fit. Wheelbrightz are also weather-resistant for outdoor protection
  • READY TO ROLL – These battery-powered LED bike wheel lights use 3 AA batteries (not included) to last for up to 48 hours of glow, which means you can enjoy ride after ride without worrying about battery life
  • BE SEEN. HAVE FUN – Our LED wheel lights enhance the look and style of your bicycle, making them a fun addition to bike parades, riding with friends or family, peddling around music festivals, and so much more
  • 2-PACK BUNDLE FOR 2 TIRES – Every order includes 2 strands of lights for 2 bike wheels for your bike so you can make the world brighter. Have fun with these bike lights for riding at night

Product Description

Light Type Wheel Lights Wheel Lights Disco Party Light Frame Lights Crossbar Lights
Battery Life 48+ Hours 48+ Hours 20+ Hours 15+ Hours 36+ Hours
Designed in USA
Battery Powered
Safe and Easy Installation

Be Safe and Be Seen with the Original WheelBrightz Bike Wheel Light Tube by Brightz.

Most people are aware of the need for front and rear bike lighting but often overlook the importance of side visibility lights for riding bikes at night. If you love riding your bike in the evening after dark, you know it doesn’t really give you a chance to show off your bicycle and be the cool kid on the block. Most importantly, it can be dangerous if you can’t be seen. That’s why we created these bright colored LED light ropes for bike tires that you can attach to your wheel rim to create a beautiful, glowing, colorful spinning wheel that your friends and neighbors will never forget. Wheel Brightz Bicycle Lights for riding at night provide a cool glow for both front and rear wheels on bicycles. Whether you're riding through the city street or sidewalk, along the beach, or a trail at your local park, Wheel Brightz keeps you safe and visible as you ride your bicycle after dark.

Compatible with Bikes with Standard Wheel Sizes

WheelBrightz LED Bike Lights are designed for creativity and to fit your style. For bicycle tires measuring 23 - 29 inches, you can make one loop around the tire rim. For bike tires less than 20 inches, the LED light rope can be cut-to-fit, or you can make multiple loops around your bike spokes to make your entire wheel glow. Wheel Brightz are designed to fit a wide range of on and off-road bicycles so people can light up the dark and add a little colorful flair to their ride, including road bikes, cyclocross bikes, touring bikes, adventure road bikes, triathlon and time trial bikes, fitness bikes, track and fixed gear bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, dual-sport bikes, beach cruiser bikes, flat-foot comfort bikes, city bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, recumbent bikes, tandem, adult tricycles, and even wheelchairs. Brightz LED wheel lights fasten securely and safely to the wheel with heavy-duty zip ties, resist water with a waterproof tubing, and come in all types of brilliant colors to match your bike’s frame or your individual style.

The Perfect Gift for Kids of All Ages

Kids are typically pretty good at being clear about what they want. But as they age, trying to figure out a cool, unique and trendy gift for them becomes a significantly greater challenge. Be it your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew, sister, or friend's teenager in middle school, coming up with a trendy, cool, or useful gift that children actually like may seem like an impossible task - especially if you aren’t necessarily in touch with the latest social media trends on TikTok. Until now, with WheelBrightz. These trendy bike wheel lights for riding at night will keep your little ones looking cool at night and are the perfect gift for kids and toddlers of all ages, whether they are 5 years old or 15 years old. WheelBrightz are the perfect choice for a Christmas stocking stuffer or birthday present for kids that love staying active and having fun outdoors.

The Perfect Fun Gift for Adults that have Everything

Trying to find that perfect gift for the adult men and women in your life can prove to be a real challenge, espcially when trying to find a gift for someone who has everything. With 14 different color options, WheelBrightz has trendy colors that are giftable for any loved one in your life. Color choices such as blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, and white can be colors that match well with your husband, uncle, dad, nephew or son's favorite NCAA basketball, NFL football, NBL baseball, or NHL hockey or college sports team and make the perfect fathers day, birthday, or Christmas gift. Colors such as blue, pink, pastel, purple, and rainbow make the perfect mother's day, or Christmas present for your wife, aunt, mom, or niece. Our other multi color style options like Color-Morphing that slowly changes through 8 different colors of the rainbow, and Razzle Dazzle that slowly blinks as you ride are perfect unisex options.

Color Options for Holidays, Events, and Supporting Causes

Brightz Bike Wheel Lights have the perfect color options to have fun and celebrate holidays. Red, Green, and White are the perfect color combination for Christmas. The multicolors of magenta, teal, yellow, aqua, and purple found in Pastel is perfect for the Spring season and make awesome Easter lights. Orange and Green are perfect for Halloween and the Fall season. Patriotic is the perfect choice for celebrating America's independence and military on the fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day. It's also great for political parties, events, and election day. The Rainbow color option is a multi-colored light rope that has all the colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. This color option is not only fun year round, but it's also a great way of supporting Gay Pride or LGBT month. Customers also love our bike tire light tubes for music festivals like burning man, glow rides, holiday parades, and mardi gras.

Standard Technical Specifications

Light Type: Tube Light for Bikes
Compatibility: Front or Rear Wheels
Bulb Type: LED Light Bulbs
Number of Bulbs: 20 Micro LED Bulbs
Wheel Size: Fits Wheels 20" and Up
Fits Small Wheels: Yes; Cut to Fit, or Make Multiple Loops
Power Source: 3 AA Batteries
Batteries Included: No
Battery Life: 48 hours
Light Tube Length: 7-feet
Color Options: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Gold, Red, White, Color-Morphing, Muli-Color, Pastel, Patriotic, Rainbow, Razzle Dazzle
Time to Install: Less than 5 minutes
Instructions Included: Yes
Light Type: Continuous
Includes: (2) LED Light Tubes; (2) Battery Packs; (12) Zip Ties; (2) Silicone Straps; (4) Tubing End Caps
Great For: Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Teenagers