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CALFPRO Rxpad - Long Yoga Mat for Men and Women Fitness, Extra Thick, Non Slip Exercise Mat - High Density Anti-Tear Yoga, Pilates, Gym Knee Pad Mats for Strength and Stability, Indoor/Outdoor Use

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  • Use With Or Without Shoes - Simply place the mat in front of your workout mirror, and get started! Just unroll to transform any room in your home into your very own home studio or gym. Keep your feet clean as you exercise, stretch, do yoga, and jump rope.
  • Non Slip Yoga Mat: Specially designed ridges provide extra grip so you can have a slip-free experience with our CalfPRO exercise mat. The performance grip surface is extra thick to provide seamless support wherever you need it.
  • Portable and Easy to Clean - Wipe clean with water and hang to air dry for the mat’s daily care. Unlike other floor mats and travel yoga mat that crinkle and crease, our mat holds its texture and form. The lightweight, durable design allow you to easily roll the mat.
  • Double Thick Cushion - In addition to an excellent slip resistant advantage that helps prevent injuries, this gym mat also comfortably cushions your spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors. It provides you with support, extra comfort, and protection during aerobics workouts.
  • Stability and Support While You Decompress - With the ever-growing stress, either at work or at home, you tend to drift away and want to find a place for yourself. The CalfPRO RXPad becomes your designated space to release, relax, reassess, and realign.

Product Description

Your Fitness, Recovery & Pain Relief Solution

If you want to reduce leg and back pain, loosen tight and tired calves, increase your athletic performance, or just maintain a healthy, mobile body, CalfPRO is perfect for you.”

The CalfPRO RxPad For Strength and Stability

The "Take It Wherever You Go" Mat

Convert any area into a safe, non-slip, padded workout area with the CalfPRO RxPad gym mat. The thick cushioning provides the perfect amount of support and durability you need for stretching, doing yoga, foam rolling, and more. Great for gyms, garages and basements and even on the carpet to protect floors while reducing noise, and making floor exercises more comfortable.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Thick Cushion
  • Non-Slip Design

The Quality, Comfort, & Support You Deserve

High-Quality, High-Density Materials Combine To Create A Durable, Self Recovering Mat That Won't Crease Or Tear After Just A Few Uses.

Non-Slip Stabilization

Ideal for pilates, stretching, light cardio, meditations, foam rolling and more, this mat provides the non-slip stabilization you need to safely and efficiently do it all. The CalfPRO RxPad's shock-absorbent material provides your body with a comfortable landing which helps in preventing sports injuries.

Lightweight & Portable

Take it to the park and lay it across the grass, or onto the beach and lay it over the sand. The moisture resistant design makes the mat easy to clean with soap and water so this mat can go where you go. Just roll it, and GO!

Comfort & Support

Yoga mats are not soft enough to protect your body, elbows and knees while foam rolling on the floor. The RxPad has the right thickness and density to provide the perfect foundation for daily foam rolling while comfortably cushioning your spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

The Perfect Trifecta Of Stretching Equipment

CalfPRO isn’t just for athletes, it can be used every day by people who spend time on their feet at work, wear heels, struggle with body weight, suffer from calf cramps, or experience pain in the foot, heel, knee or back.

If you walk, sit, stand, or do anything with your feet during your day, CalfPRO is made for you.

The CalfPRO Foam Roller

Foam Rolling before stretching will dramatically improve your results. This foam roller has the correct material, density and texture to deeply improve calf tone in preparation for stretching. Other foam rollers are too rigid, without adequate cushion or have ridges, grooves and even spikes! Yikes! The idea is to find the tightest part of the calf, or any muscle, by rolling over a semi-firm, uniform surface to alleviate knots and give relief to sore, tight muscles.

The CalfPRO Calf Stretcher

Nearly everyone has tight calves or tight muscles. This simple pain point can cause serious long term effects on your overall health. The CalfPRO Calf Stretcher is a simple, safe, and affordable solution. It's the only leveraged calf stretcher that locks your heel in place, to turn your leg into a giant lever so you can quickly and easily stretch your calves daily, with complete control and measurable results.

The CalfPRO RxPad

RxPad provides the best place to safely and comfortably perform daily Calf foam rolling with your CalfRx Foam Roller. Yoga mats are not soft enough to protect your body, elbows and knees while foam rolling on the floor. The RxPad has the right thickness and density to provide the perfect foundation for daily foam rolling.

Daily Stretching Can Alleviate Many Aches & Pains, Give It A Try For Yourself!

Designed By A Physical Therapist
Indoor/Outdoor Use