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Canotagio Waterproof Bag. Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Swimming, Camping, Hiking, Beach, Fishing. Dry Bag Available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 Liter Capacity

Original price $18.90 - Original price $33.90
Original price
$18.90 - $33.90
Current price $21.90
Color: Green
Size: 10 Lts
  • ☝️ 【Quality Material】 Made with high quality Waterproof Canvas! Which is highly resistant against bumps, scratches, pulls and impacts! Excellent Option for all kinds of Water Sports and Outdoor Activities! Surfing, Camping, Exploring, Kayaking, Rowing, Pool And even Beach!
  • 💦 【Safe and Reliable Waterproof】 Your Canotagio Brand Waterproof Bag will protect your belongings from any liquid! Like water and mud! It will also do it from dust, rain, snow, dirt or sand, so you can always continue your adventure. Well, it will always keep your belongings clean and safe in the face of any challenge that comes your way! Perfect for water sports or a sedentary lifestyle!
  • 🔒 【Take care and protect your Belongings】 Thanks to the wide Capacity of up to 5, 10, 20 and 30 Lt! With this Dry Bag you will be able to store all your belongings in one place. Clothes, Footwear, Cell phones, Lunch, Tools, Sporting goods and everything you want! Also you will not lose your things! Because when it closes it will conserve air inside! This way it will float in the water without any problem!
  • 🍃 【Light, Compact and Practical】 Travel Light, comfortable and Safe! Thanks to the Canotagio brand Waterproof Bag / Backpack that has a resistant Nylon strap that will allow you to place it comfortably on your shoulder, arm or back! In addition, its flexible material will allow you to compact it up to 3 times smaller than its size in use! It features a solid roll closure system that provides a secure airtight seal. You only have to roll the closure your bag 3 times and fasten it!
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