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CEP Men’S Graduated Night Calf Sleeves 2.0

by CEP
Original price $63.90 - Original price $72.90
Original price
$63.90 - $72.90
Current price $63.90
Color: Flash Green/Black
Size: 5
  • 79% Polyamide, 21% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • CEP Progressive+ Night Calf Sleeves 2.0 provide a dynamic compression profile on the calf muscles using compression fibers that wrap around the leg over 300 times to increase circulation, prevent injury and reduce micro-trauma.
  • UNIQUE COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY increases circulation and ensures more oxygen and nutrients get to the muscles which enhances performance. CEP sleeves mold to your calf muscles to provide maximum support and stability.
  • FEATURING 20-30mmHg graduated and consistent compression, this unique compression profile contains the calf and increases circulation while preventing shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness and common overuse injuries.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN Halo top-band fits comfortably below the knee to keep your CEP sleeve in place while vents on the front of the shin wick sweat away and reduce the skin’s temperature by up to six degrees Fahrenheit.
  • STEP UP YOUR GAME with this performance enhancing sleeve from CEP. Scientifically designed to improve circulation and reduce injury from medi, a world-leader in medical compression and sports medicine.

CEP Compression Calf Sleeves 2.0 feature the same progressive compression found in our full 2.0 Run Socks. Our proprietary compression profile is clinically proven to improve performance, prevent injury, and reduce micro-trauma to the muscles in your lower leg. By increasing circulation, muscles are fueled with more oxygen and nutrients, giving you more power and control during active use, and helping to prevent overuse injuries. CEP’s high-tech compression fibers wrap around the leg over 300 times to give calf muscles maximum support and stability. This helps prevent micro tears in the connective tissues that cause shin splints. Air flows easily through the improved heat and moisture venting zone on the front of the shin, pulling sweat away from the body and reducing skin temperature up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industry Leading Guarantee

We hold our products to the highest quality standards in manufacturing, which guarantees the comfort and durability of every product we make. When you wear CEP you are wearing a long history of proven success in medicine and sports. We backup our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Buy with confidence - buy CEP.

Experience the CEP difference:

CEP is the performance brand of medi, a global leader in the healthcare market known for its innovative medical products. For over 65 years, medi – headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany – has been developing and enhancing its unique medi compression as the core technology and other technologies that have a positive effect on the human body. Every single CEP product combines decades of knowledge and expertise in sports and medicine.