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DINVES Ab Roller Wheel, Abdominal Muscle Exercise Roller, Home Gym Ab Workout Equipment for Abdominal Core Strength Training, Ab Wheel Roller for Core Workout, Ab Machine with Knee Pad and Elbow Pads for Home Workout Equipment

by Dinves
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Color: Purple
  • Muscle Helper - This Ab wheel will give you a stronger body, stronger muscles, and a more graceful body curve. It is easy to use whether you are male or female, beginner or familiar.
  • Newly Upgraded Ab Roller - This Ab roller has been completely upgraded with additional aids on the sides and front to make it easier for beginners to use. The sides are designed to support your elbows, and the front design allows you to be more balanced when you use it without the risk of falling.
  • Silent Exercise Roller - TPR soft tires are used on the periphery of the roller, and there is no noise during use. The unique material endows the roller with anti-skid and wear-resistant properties, so there is no need to worry about damaging the floor when using it.
  • Foam Armrests & Elbow Pads - Foam elbow pads on both sides allow you to use your elbows while using them and also protect your elbows for more comfort during workouts. The front armrest is wrapped with NPR sponge, the force is balanced, the built-in stainless steel tube is stronger, and the maximum load is 330 lbs.
  • Multiple Muscle Training - This Ab roller allows you to target and intensely exercise multiple muscles on your body, including your back, abs, arms, thighs and toes. After a period of consistent use, your muscles will become very strong and flexible in many parts of your body.

Product Description

Fully Upgraded Abdominal Wheel

Compared with the traditional abdominal fitness wheel, this abdominal fitness wheel has been fully upgraded, which is very suitable for beginners to use. The surface of the wheel is made of non-slip material, which is completely silent and very stable when used. The elbow pads on both sides and the foam armrests in the front make it more comfortable to use and automatically master the correct use method.

Foam Handrail

Front foam armrests, more stable when used, no risk of falls and other injuries.

Foam Elbow Pads

Elbow pads on the sides will put less pressure on your elbows and focus your weight on your abs, making your workout more efficient.

Foam Knee Pads

The two complimentary foam knee pads allow you to protect your knees while exercising, and also allow you to use extra tools such as yoga mats for more convenience.