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Dr. Frederick'S Original Fingerless Compression Glove Bundle - 3 Pairs - Original, Grippy, and Copper Compression Gloves - for Women & Men - Triple Pain Relief - Medium

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  • INCLUDES 3 PAIRS OF MEDIUM GLOVES: You'll receive three pairs of Dr. Frederick's Original Arthritis Gloves (6 total gloves), in the size that best fits you. Available in 3 Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. See our chart for sizing recommendations. Note at this time you cannot mix and match sizing.
  • PERFECT PAIN RELIEVING FIT FOR EVERY OCCASION: Our Original Compression Gloves support your hands with mild compression, perfect for daily wear. Our Grippy Compression Gloves restore your grip strength while providing much-needed support. Copper Compression Gloves give your hands all the protective benefits of copper, reducing pain and inflammation while keeping the fabric odor-free.
  • BANISH ACHES AND STIFFNESS: When your hands hurt, it can distract from your whole life. Our compression gloves provide welcome relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, stress injuries from typing or gaming, and multiple other kinds of hand pain. Continue living life and doing what you love without the worry of pain.
  • FINGERLESS FOR COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE RELIEF: Open fingertip design lets you use your phone, type, tie your shoes, and pick up glass jars without fear of fumbling or slipping. Feel, touch, and grip without any extra bulk.
  • DESIGNED BY DOCTORS: As physicians, our top priority is your results, which means creating the best possible product for you. When you choose Dr. Frederick’s Original, you know you are getting a quality product designed by real doctors. Hand pain is no joke. Let our Compression Glove Bundle help get you back to the things you love, today.

Three pairs of medium size compression gloves for all occasions.