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Drasry Fishing Cast Net with Heavily Sinkers for Saltwater Freshwater Bait Trap Fish Throw Net. Size 4Ft/5Ft/6Ft/7Ft Radius Casting Nets

by Drasry
Original price $62.90 - Original price $82.90
Original price
$62.90 - $82.90
Current price $82.90
Color: Tire line
Size: 7FT /210cm Radius
  • The use of high-toughness tire lines can withstand greater weight and is not easy to be torn. Therefore, it is loved by many novices and experienced fishermen, and is suitable for all types of fishermen.
  • Black Sinkers: The sinker with a black plastic shell can prevent the internal material from rusting, reduce the wear of the sinker, provide better weight and sink to the water bottom quickly, prevent the bait from escaping and capture more bait. The cast net weighing 1 pound per foot, it can sink quickly.
  • 3/8 MESH: Can catch most sizes of bait, experience the fun of catching bait, and save more bait costs. Carry repair tools. When the fishing net is accidentally damaged, you can repair the fishing net in time and continue to catch the bait.
  • Two lines bottom design: The design of the two lines bottom improves the abrasion resistance of the bottom of the fishing net, and at the same time prevents the sinker from damaging the bottom of the fishing net during the throwing process, increasing the service life of the fishing net. 32ft hand rope, can be used in most waters.
  • Provides quick sink and a tight bottom seal to prevent bait escape.The nets are easy to throw for distance and accuracy, yet sink quickly to ensure a good haul.The cast net comes with the portable handbag, It is convenient for you to carry when you go out for fishing.