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Drasry Saltwater American Green Monofilament Fishing Cast Net Lead Sinker 3/8Inch Mesh for Bait Trap Fish Heavy Duty Throw Net 4FT/5FT/6FT/7FT/8FT Radius Size

by Drasry
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$57.90 - $114.90
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Size: 5FT Radius /150cm
  • Material: Handmade. Copolymer green monofilament mesh, with natural fit. High quality craftsmanship makes this product a must for fishermen. Whether you are a beginner or cast net master, this net is very easy to open and makes catching your own live bait easy and fun.
  • 3/8 "mesh :3/8" mesh can accommodate most bait species. Makes capturing live bait easy and fun, providing substantial savings on bait costs.
  • This net uses lead as net sinker that never rusts and sinks quickly and a tight bottom seal prevents bait escape to help you catch more bait fish.
  • Hand Rope :32 feet of floating braided rope for all types of water. The distance and accuracy of the net are easy, but to ensure a good harvest, the net is cast quickly.
  • Ideal for bait fishing. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us. If you are not satisfied with the product we sent you, we will exchange it for you
  • Comes with cast net bag / Comes with bait fishing net bag

Product Description

DRASRY Green Monofilament Fishing Cast Net

The net is made of green monofilament material, which is more in line with nature. Whether you are a beginner or masters, this net is very easy to open and sink quickly to ensure good transportation, allowing you to catch your own live bait easily and interestingly.


The pure lead sinkers sinks accurately and quickly, preventing the bait from escaping and capturing more bait. It will never rust

3/8 MESH

Copolymer green monofilament material is made into 3/8 mesh, accommodates most bait fish size. Make capturing live bait easy and fun,provides significant savings in bait cost.


39FT long floating braided poly hand rope, suitable for a variety of waters.


DRASRY green cast nets are recommended for use in water below 16.5FT.
  • 4FT(120cm)---- 3.75LB(1.7KG)
  • 5FT(150cm)---- 4.85LB(2.2KG)
  • 6FT(180cm)---- 5.95LB(2.7KG)
  • 7FT(210cm)---- 6.61LB(3.0KG)
  • 8FT(240cm)---- 7.27LB(3.3KG)
  • 9FT(270cm)---- 7.93LB(3.6KG)

The weight can determine the sinking speed of the fishing net, prevent the bait from escaping, and catch more bait fish and shrimps.

Green Monofilament Cast Net

Suitable for cast net novices and masters

MATERIAL: Copolymer monofilament

Mesh Size: 3/8’’ Half

Mesh Thickness: 0.3mm;

Sinker: Pure lead sinker

Hand Rope:32FT long floating braided poly hand rope

0.9mm main line

Bundle leads per grid

High-quality rotating link

High-quality distribution cover


Very easy to throw and open, even if you are a novice, you can easily open the fishing net according to the method in the video


Experience the fun of catching bait fish and save bait costs

With A Net Handbag

Very convenient to carry and save storage space