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Drasry Saltwater Fishing Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee for Bait Trap Fish Throw Net. Size 4FT/5FT/6FT/7FT Radius Freshwater Casting Nets

by Drasry
Original price $56.90 - Original price $79.90
Original price
$56.90 - $79.90
Current price $79.90
Color: Tire Lines Cast Net(1/2Inch Mesh)
Size: 6FT (180cm)Radius
  • 🐟HANDMADE:Woven from specially treated tire lines. It is more durable and does not tear easily. Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product an essential product for any fisherman. Regarding the cast net throwing problem, we have updated the video content to use a simpler method of teaching
  • 🐟Pure lead sinkers:Upgrade perforation lead sinkers design, the high density of lead sinkers can effectively reduce the splash water, provide better weight, quickly sink to the bottom of the water, prevent bait escape, capture more bait.
  • 🐟The aluminum frisbee design makes it easier to throw fishing nets, even if you are a novice, you can easily learn to catch more live bait. 43 - feet long braided poly hand line, can be used to catch fish in deeper waters
  • 🐟Mesh:1/2 IN mesh accommodates most bait species. The bottom adopts durable lines to improve the abrasion resistance of the net bottom. Make capturing live bait easy and fun, provides significant savings in bait cost.
  • 🐟Provides quick sink and a tight bottom seal to prevent bait escape.The nets are easy to throw for distance and accuracy, yet sink quickly to ensure a good haul.The cast net comes with the portable handbag, It is convenient for you to carry when you go out for fishing.There is a full purchase price refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not happy for any reason.

Product Description

Drasry cast net with ring

Great gift for experienced and beginners. Easily learn to catch more live bait.

1/2 Mesh

It is made of tough tire lines. The tire lines is relatively thick, so it is impossible to make the mesh too small mesh. But it enhances toughness and does not easily tear, making it the best choice for beginners, and fishermen who like durable fishing nets.

Ideal for use in unknown waters


Specially processed tire lines material with very good toughness and not easy to tear

1/2Mesh : 1/2 mesh to catch most bait sizes

Pure lead sinkers: sink quickly

30ft hand rope: can be used in higher or remote position

0.9mm thickness main line: increase gravity

  • 4ft (120cm)Radius= 3.75 LB(1.7kg)
  • 5ft (150cm)Radius= 4.85 LB(2.2kg)
  • 6ft (180cm)Radius= 5.95 LB(2.7kg)
  • 7ft (210cm)Radius= 6.61 LB(3.0kg)

Aluminum Frisbee Design

Increasing the cast net work opening effect, makes the cast net easier to use, so even new anglers can cast nets like a pro. Easily learn to catch more live bait.

Pure Lead Sinkers

The high-density lead sinkers design reduces water splashes, and sinks quickly when entering the water, preventing bait from escaping and catching more bait. Never rusts and can be recycled used in fishing tool

43FT Hand Ropes

43-ft long floating braided poly hand line for easy to throw into deeper or farther waters. Avoid fish being scared away when approaching schools of fish at close range.

Cast Net Handbag

The cast net is packed into the bag, which is very convenient to carry and save storage space

Ocean / Lake / River

Suitable for many occasions,

Note: Do not use in waters with many stones or branches to avoid scratching the fishing net.

Capture Live Bait

Experience the fun of catching bait with fishing cast nets from now on