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Ertong Children Snorkel Set Kids Scuba Diving Equipment Packages Including Adjustable Swimming Fins/Flippers + Automatic Breathing Tube + Tempered Glass Lens Snorkeling Mask

by Ertong
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$62.90 - $66.90
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Style: Yellow
  • Snorkel Mask: This children diving mask and headband use 100% liquid silicone as material,which is resistant to seawater corrosion,food safety,colorless and odorless,and will not cause allergy to kid's skin.Adjustable elastic silicone strap can be adjusted to fit different young teenager's face shapes.
  • Breathing Tube: The PVC material is used for the diving breath tube,the size is moderate,tasteless and non-toxic,which use the most stable dry floating valve design,and the flexible breath tube is easy to breath and exhaust,the sealing is better and more durable.
  • Adjustable Fins: The unique drag reduction design of this pair of diving fins can effectively divert the water flow.The reduction in drag helps minimize fatigue,cramping and ankle strain associated with paddle fins.The young kids also could be wear socks to fasten feet,both of flippers have one adjustable straps to Slip, and boast anti-slip bottoms.
  • After Sale Service: As soon as you buy our snorkel set,we will provide full-life free service for every customers.We confidently believe that we will bring the customers the most satisfied buying experience. If the glasses are damaged due to Amazon shipping, Please contact us for free replacement.

Children Full Gear Snorkel Set ( Diving Fins/Flippers | Freediving Masks | Snorkel Tube ) for Swimming, Diving, and Snorkeling 

Weight: 2.2lb(1kg)

Color: Blue | Yellow | Orange | Rose Red

Flipper Size:Universal size(US size: 1-4 =EU size :30-35)


1.Flipper material: PP + TPR

2.Snorkeling Mask: Liquid Silicone Frame + Tempered Glass Lens

3.Freediving tube: Liquid Silicone Mouthpiece Threaded Tube + PVC Tube


1. Remove or move the diving mask band to the front of the lens.

2. Look upward and put the snorkel mask gently on the face (the edge of the skirt must be smooth).

3. Inhale the air gently from the nose; at this time, whether it is gently pulling or shaking the head vigorously, the mask should be maintained in a stable position.

4. The snorkel and mask are tied together, place the mouthpiece between the lips and teeth, close the lips tightly, and put the tube body in front of the ears to avoid the mouthpiece from scratching the mouth or chin fatigue.