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EVERIE Versatile 12-Quart Sous Vide Container with Built-In Rack and Collapsible Silicone Lid and Container Sleeve Compatible with All Sous Vide Cookers, KIT-1202-TYGJ

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Size: 12 Qt, Silicone Lid, Sleeve
  • Sous Vide Container with Versatible Lid - Includes a 12 quart Everie sous vide container and a versatile silicone lid, the lid is compatible with all sous vide cookers such as Inkbird, Instant Pot, Anova, Breville, Yedi etc.
  • Built-in but Removable Sous Vide Rack - The rack could be installed upside or upside down into 2 different height levels of slots in the container, making it possible to have 4 differnet capacity in the container. No additional sous vide rack required.
  • Silicone Lid is collapsible to refill ingredients or water during long time or multiple cooking recipes.
  • Thickened Lip for Easy Carry - Oval design of the container and the thickened lip makes it comfortbale to carry.
  • Container Sleeve slows down the heat transfer from the water tank and makes the cooking temperature more accurate.

Steamline deisng of the container makes the water flow more smoothly and more effectively. Built-in but removable sous vide rack could be installed upside or upside down into the 2 different high levels of slots to make totally 4 different capacity for sous vide ingredients in the container. Patented hinged lid makes it so easy to refill different-cooking-time-required ingredients or refill water during long time cooking or remove cooked ingredients in multiple recipes.