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Facesoft Sweat Towel - Super Soft and Absorbent - Blue - Eco-Friendly 100% Cotton 38X10 Inches

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Color: Aqua
Size: 10 x 38 in
  • Got Sweat? FaceSoft towels are ready! 100% Aqua Cotton, No Microfiber Plastics. Better Towel, Better Ocean
  • The perfect yoga sweat workout towel for all workouts
  • Soft like a cloud, extremely absorbent & fast drying sport towel
  • Size: Length 10” x Width 38” Long thin shape designed specifically to fit perfectly around your neck
  • Eco. Active. Soft. 1 Towel per order Machine Washable and dryer approved.

Product Description

At FaceSoft,

We strive to be “the” sustainable replacement to micro-fiber “plastic” towels!

Did you know micro-fiber towels are made of “plastic”?

Microfiber plastic towels are very harmful to our oceans.

FaceSoft towels are created with natural materials & we are proudly environmentally conscious.

All of this is done to be ensure our towels naturally decompose to help our oceans.

The Ultimate Sweat Towel.

CHARCOAL-DETOX TOWELS | Sweat. Charcoal. Detoxify.

Detox while you Sweat. Our Charcoal-Detox towels are infused with activated charcoal technology to pull toxins and oils off your face while you work out. The charcoal naturally re-activates with heat in the washer and/or dryer. Since the charcoal is infused, it will last for the life of the towel. Great for Yoga, Cycle, Barre, Pilates, Boot Camp, Row, Cross-fit, Fitness, and any type of Activity where you sweat! So go ahead and sweat, FaceSoft towels are ready!

Patent Pending | Charcoal-Infused Towels!

ECO-Active SWEAT TOWELS | ECO. Active. Soft.

Perfect Sweat Towel. Our Active Workout Towels are made with Aqua-Cotton technology, which is what makes them Super Soft and Extremely Absorbent; they are Soft like a Cloud!. Great for Yoga, Cycle, Barre, Pilates, Boot Camp, Row, Cross-fit, Fitness and any type of Activity where you sweat! The size was designed to be long & thin to fit comfortably around your neck and is perfect for your workout! Rest assured, there is absolutely no plastic or synthetic microfibers used in the making of our Active Towels. 5 great colors to be part of your workout: Black, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Neon! Made with 100% Cotton. better towel. better ocean.

2X CHARCOAL-DETOX PRO TOWELS | Double Charcoal. Sweat. Glow.

Radiant Skin Therapy. If you are already a fan of the original Charcoal-Detox towel, we know you will fall in love with the way the 2X Charcoal-Detox PRO towel leaves your skin, no matter how often you workout and sweat! Infused with twice the amount of activated charcoal as the original. This level of charcoal brings your skin to the next level before, during, and after your workouts. 2x more charcoal, 2x cleaner skin = 2X DETOX. 2X GLOW

Patent Pending | Charcoal-Infused Towels!

Welcome to the Family

At FaceSoft Towel Company our mission is to raise awareness about the harm of microfiber plastic towels and the damage they are causing to our oceans and landfills. While offering an eco-minded, luxurious, and durable workout towel to replace synthetic Microfiber Towels. Our mission is to inspire those around us, to live more of an active lifestyle with their own FaceSoft Towel. Many people are unaware that Microfiber Towels are created with tiny Micro-plastic pieces, which are creating a great amount of damage to our oceans. When washing microfiber towels, plastic pieces filter from our washing machines straight into our oceans and waterways harming marine life. We have crafted and created all of our towels with eco-minded materials so we can ensure if any of our towels end up in a landfill or our oceans, they will decompose and leave no trace behind. The perfect workout towel for your active lifestyle!

Free of Plastics
!00% Natural
Fast Drying
Made With Aqua Cotton
Made with Infused Activated Charcoal
Active Size 38” x 10”
Mini Size 10” x 9”
Bath Size 55” x 29.5”