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FAUX BOW - Shoots over 120 Feet - Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set (Lizardite)

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Color: Lizardite
  • FOAM ARCHERY SET: Bow gets a sleek new look and a performance spinning handle so you can release and shoot even faster. It's the amazing alternative to a regular bow and arrow. Aim. Fire!
  • ACTIVE OUTDOOR FUN: Boys and Girls will love sporting their bow & arrow. So fun and easy to shoot, just load the arrow, pull back & watch your arrow fly at awesome speeds to a distance of up to 120 feet!
  • SAFE DESIGN: Durable, lightweight, foam tip arrows provide safety, power and fun! Archery set is made with high quality, non-latex & phthalate materials, with a handy "bow tip quiver" to hold 6 arrows.
  • DESIGNED FOR ACTION: Quick release spinning handle lets the arrows rip. "Bow Tip" Quiver keeps 6 extra arrows right at your fingertips. Ultra light arrows soar at amazing speeds & fly impressive distances.
  • INCLUDES: 1- Bow (18.2"x 13"x 2.5"), 6- Durable foam tipped ultra-light arrows. This quality, non-phthalate or latex archery toy with real bow feel is made for kids ages 8 years old and up.

Product Description

Pure Performance, No Compromise.

Spinnovative Hyper Rototonic Release

(AKA it spins)

Our spinnovative release is designed for increased ergonomic comfort and accuracy! The spin-system minimizes any imperfections in release, ensures a clean launch, and helps the archer shoot straight! You'll be shooting like a pro in no time!

The Feel of Real Archery!

Our Faux Bows are invented with the feel of realism in mind. We wanted to create a bow that has all the fun of true archery without the risk, and we did! Our bows and arrows fire and fly like the real thing, but our durable foam tipped arrows work to keep everyone safe!

Fires Arrows Over 100 Feet!

Steady... Aim... FIRE!

The Faux Bow is built for launch power and shooting accuracy! Watch your arrows fly further and straighter, all without compromising on durability. Our arrows are built out of virtually indestructible tubing and durable foam tips that are extremely accurate.


- Complete Faux Bow

- SIX Faux Bow Arrows

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