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Fishing Rod Holders for Boats with Large Clamp Opening 360 Degree Adjustable Fish Pole Racks Folding Holder

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$36.90 - $49.90
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Color: RH30
  • THE GOSPEL OF THE FISHING INDUSTRY: This is an amazing fishing tools, it suitable for kids, fishing beginner, fishing enthusiast who have several fish poles and someone who want to freedom your hand, CLAMP MAX.OPENING 4.7 inch. please kindly check your boat board size before buying
  • SUPER STRONG TOLERANCE: Holder are ultra strong and able to withstand a maximum tension up to 110 pounds. Now you don't need hold the rods on the hand any more, this fishing tackle does the job for you. Once you have our holder, you can do more than 10 poles at the same time
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL . This fishing rod holder is totally made of high quality and eco-friendly material. Constructed with high impact resistant heavy duty ABS.It's the best gift for father, son, husband, fiancé, boyfriend for the upcoming Christmas.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT. Accommodates spinning, casting and spincast rod handles; Large clamp on opening can clamp to anywhere you want (Max.opening 4.7"). 360 degree adjustable. Can be surfaced or rail mounted. Great for boats or kayaks, includes stainless steel hardware.
  • INSTALLATION TIPS: This fishing rod holders can mount on horizontal or vertical cube rails, can not work on rails that have any slight angle. Please make sure right- angle-sides of holder touches the rails completely, the area where the dancer arm touches the rail should be wide adequately to support. Please kindly have a look at the fifth picture on the left of this product page as your reference.

Product Description

There's nothing worse than watching your expensive new fishing rod disappear overboard because you had to leave it unattended for a few minutes or because you loosened your grip over time. That's why fishing rod holders are a must have for anyone who plans to spend time fishing off their boat. Fishing pole holders allow you to leave your pole unattended for any amount of time – and when the fish strikes, your rod stays in the holder and can even help you get it onboard by keeping your pole steady while you reel it in. Want to fight the fish 100% by yourself? No problem – just lift your pole out of the rod holder and start fighting! Coolnice Supply a very high quality and good looking rod holders for boats from now on – so shop today and keep your rod onboard where it belongs.

Coolnice fishing rod holder can mounted to anywhere in your boat

Coolnice fishing rod holder can mounted to anywhere in your boat if it's size is 0.39-4.7 inch vertical or horizontal rails to freedom your hand during you fishing.that is really amazing you watch phone or do anything you like time. Please kindly check your boat board size before buying.

Coolnice fishing rod holder can be a fishing rod stock

Coolnice fishing rod holder also can be a fishing rod stock,when the rod do not use,it can hold rod in your home or boat,so you can call this rod holder is both funtion in one.

Coolnice fishing rod holder was made by cerocraft ABS material, the most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance. ABS also is a non-toxic material, even if its combustion does not typically produce any persistent organic pollutants. so you can call ABS is a most safety matieral.

Thanks for the ABS material, coolnice fishing rod holder can protect your rod very well, it will not damage your rod any time at any weather, pls go ahead to use it and enjoy your fishing time.

Due to the coolnice fishing rod holder use a large area fixed device to make the holder will firmly to mount on your boat and firmly to hold your rod even if in the bad weather, it is very safety to use it during your fishing time. You also can slip a piece of board in to make it more stable if you think it necessary.

Material Stainless Steel Nylon fabric+ Polyester net ABS
Suitable for Bank for Fishing for Fishing Pole
Function Fixed Shade Fixed
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