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GEJULIC Cooling Towel More Effective Instant Cooling Chilly Cool Ice Wet Towel Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Travel, Camping & More 2018 Updated Ice Wet Towel

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  • Made of third-generation polyester fiber cooling materials,Instant cooling, not like other cooling towle need you to waitting a long time,just soak, wring out and snap it.
  • Chemical-free, It's perfect for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor exercise, fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection, cooling while absorbing. everyone can use,even kids and Pregnant women
  • With 40'' long and 12'' wide, ice microfiber towel is perfect for all indoor and outdoor activities. You can use it as cooling bandana, scarf, headband, neck wrap and because of its super absorption ability you can also use it as yoga towel, fitness towel, sports towel, gym towel or golf towel. It is also suitable for pets.
  • Chilling towel is also perfect for hot flashes, fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention and for all who wants to keep cool during their outdoor adventures. Chill its cooling towel stays chilled up to 3 hours (depending on conditions), reduces body temperature up to 30 degrees and provides 50 UPF sunscreen protection. You will also receive waterproof pouch with carabiner clip for easy storage and transportation.
  • we promise every Cooling Towel was delivered in 2-5 days ,and we also promise the 365-days money back and free replacement with no reason. we will provide 24h*7d timely customer service to solve the problem better.

"Why Choose GEJULIC Cooling Towel?
♥100% Japanese cold silk,unique honeycomb 3D textile technology,Lightweight and breathable than towel, soft and comfortable
♥Dip water quickly cold, it's treating it kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cool
♥All fiber materials are non-irritating, non-chemical, pure physical, and odorless. After drying, it will not harden, reuse over and over again.
♥UPF 50 Sun Projection, can block 98% of the UV direct sunlight, 50 times better than ordinary towel sunscreen
♥Works great and portable for sports and outdoor activities and working in hot environment,Easy to carry ♥Good quality and better customer service
this prooduct adopts foreign core technology with the special structure of :sweat-absorbent, circulationn, evaporation,"" As long as fabric is socked with water(in any temperature),it can provide with instant cooling is static-free, breathable and dry quickly,No matter how many times of usage, the cooling effiect will remain the same
1.Do not use bleach. it may cause damage to the fabric;
2.Dont place the product in high temperature and or high humidity place for a long time;
3.Try the best to wring the tower out and prevent chothes to be wet;
4.keep out of reach of children;
5.The edge of the towel may be loosen and curl after long term usage
1.Gently wringing the wet towel out and snapping several times. it only take a few seconds
2.Please sanp again several times to keep it cool if it becomes warm
3.keep it cool by soaking, wring and snapping
1.Hang dry
2.Dont tumble dry
3.Water wash
4.Dont iron
5.Dont bleach
6.Dont machine wash"