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Gladiator Strength Barbell Pad– 17.5’’ Extra Thick Hip Thruster Pad/Squat Bar Neck Pad for Lunges, Squats & More for 2’’ Olympic & Smith Machine Bars-Bonus Straps Included

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  • MAXIMUM COMFORT & PROTECTION: The Gladiator Strength barbell foam sponge features two straps that secure the pad in place in order to help you focus on the exercise instead of worrying about the pad slipping. It provides maximum comfort and protection for your bodybuilding, powerlifting or Crossfit workouts.
  • FITS ALL OLYMPIC & SMITH MACHINE BARS: This barbell pad can be effortlessly installed and removed from all 2’’ standard Olympic and Smith machine bars which is particularly useful when you’re alternating between exercises in the gym.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FOAM PADDING PROTECTION: The Gladiator Strength barbell foam pad can be comfortably used with a vast array of exercises from squats and lunges to hip thrusts and glute bridges, allowing you to work out longer, lift heavier weights and achieve faster results.
  • QUALITY, DURABLE & ODOR RESISTANT MATERIAL: This black barbell pad is designed with thick, high density and non-slip rubber foam, extensively tested to absorb impact and reduce neck and shoulder pain. Plus, it’s a long-lasting, durable fitness accessory that will not absorb any moisture or odor.
  • 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Here, at Gladiator Strength, we truly stand behind our products. After all, we use it ourselves every day. That’s why this foam squat pad comes in a unique, neat package and is accompanied by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Are you tired of that constant, dull pain on your neck, upper back and shoulders every time you squat or lunge?
It’s such a distraction from your routine, isn’t it?
Perhaps you’ve tried soft barbell pads before but they kept sliding all over the place, contributing to your problem instead of giving you the comfort you’re looking for.
It’s time you tried the Gladiator Strength premium barbell squat pad!
The Next Generation Barbell Pad That Never Slides Out Of Place!
Unlike similar protective pads you find in local gyms, the Gladiator Strength squat foam pad features two straps that make sure the pad stays secure on any Olympic-sized barbell.
That’s the only way to provide ultimate safety and comfort at the same time.
An Essential & Versatile Piece Of Fitness Equipment:
This black, protective squat pad was designed with only quality in mind and that’s why it’s made with high-density, non-slip rubber foam, proven to absorb impact and reduce pain.
Plus, it can be used with a variety of lower body exercises, including squats, lunges, glute bridges and hip thrusts in order to allow you to perform more reps with heavier weights and achieve quicker gains!
Not All Squat Sponge Pads Were Created Equal, And here’s why the Gladiator Strength barbell squat pad is superior to all the rest:
-Non-slip, high-density rubber foam pad that always stays secure in place
-Durable & long-lasting pad that doesn’t absorb odor or sweat
-Compatible with all standard Olympic bars, removes and install fast and easy
-Applicable to many exercises that keep hurting your neck and shoulders
-Covered by our 100% money-back guarantee
So, as you can see you have literally nothing to lose…other than the inconvenience of a barbell constantly hurting your upper back and shoulders!
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