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Goture Ice Fishing Jig Set Ice Fishing Lures for Panfish Crappie Sunfish Perch Walleye Pike Bluegill Sunfish Jig Head Hook Set

by Goture
Original price $19.90 - Original price $46.90
Original price
$19.90 - $46.90
Current price $24.90
Color: H-Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs(8PCS)
  • Drop Water Ice Fishing Jig: Imitate unique dolphin body shape, the ice fishing lures drop water quickly and reach the strike zone to tempt fish. Simulated life-like swim action, it will create vibration as it swims on the water column and helps fish locate the jig.
  • Attractive Ice Fishing Lures: Coated with high-quality bright paint, and added with realistic 3D eyes, the ice fishing lures will draw more fish attentions and increase hook-up ratios
  • High Strength Sharp Jig Hook: The jig head hooks are made of high-quality stainless steel materical, sharp barbed hook is very secure to aviod fish escape. High Strength carbon hook ensures better penetration.
  • Luminous Effect:Designed with luminous Effect, These ice fishing lures will glow in the dark, work great on dark water and low-light conditions. The luminous finished surface can better arouse visual big predators.
  • Widely Application: The jig head fishing hook is suitable for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, ice fishing, lake fishing, and more. Perfect for a wide range fishes, such as bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch sunfish, walleyes and pike, etc.

Product Description

Best Gift for Fisherman 28" Two Tip Ice Fishing Rod 32" Two Tip Ice Fishing Rod Dolphin/Young Ant/Beetle Ice Jig Young Ant Ice Fishing Jig Dolphin Ice Fishing Jig Tungsten Ice Fishing Jig
Best Gift for Fisherman Blue Braided Fishing Line Army Green Braided Fishing Line Grey Braided Fishing Line Dark Green Braided Fishing Line Yellow Braided Fishing Line

Goture Luminous Micor Ice Fishing Jig

  • Unlike traditional ice fishing jigs, these ice jigs are designed with vivid body shape. Available styles in young ant ice jig, dolphin ice jig, beetle ice fishing jig, and treble hook. These micro ice fishing jigs are crafted with high-quality paint, it won't fall off easily. Cartoon big eyes make the ice jig look so cute.
  • These ice jigs have a luminous effect that glows in the dark. They will create a bright flash to tempt most fish. As the rod lifts up and down, these ice fishing lures deliver continuous vibration and noise to attract fish.
  • Specially equipped with a sharp hook, the ice jigs ensure a better penetration and increase the hook-up. Deadly on bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch sunfish, walleyes and pike, etc. Come in a plastic box, it can keep these ice jigs securely. A must-have ice fishing gear for most anglers in winter.

Young Ant Ice Fishing Jig

Smaller Size:

Hook Size:#12---Weight:0.9g/0.03oz---Length:14.72mm--Width:5.31mm---Height:5.68mm

Bigger Size:

Hook Size:#10---Weight:1.4g/0.05oz---Length:16.49mm--Width:6.16mm---Height:6.47mm

Dolphin Ice Fishing Jig

Smaller Size:

Hook Size:#12---Weight:1.3g/0.05oz---Length:16.35mm--Width:5.95mm---Height:6.16mm

Bigger Size:

Hook Size:#10---Weight:1.9g/0.07oz---Length:17.87mm--Width:6.07mm---Height:6.25mm

Luminous Dolphin Ice Fishing Jig

Smaller Size:

Hook Size:#12---Weight:1g/0.04oz---Length:14.95mm--Width:5.9mm---Height:5.77mm

Bigger Size:

Hook Size:#10---Weight:1.4g/0.05oz---Length:16.62mm--Width:6.41mm---Height:6.41mm

Luminous Treble Hook


Hook Size:#10--Length:15.25mm--Width:5.25mm---Height:6.41mm

Hook Size:#12---Length:12.81mm--Width:4.78mm---Height:6.20mm

Hook Size:#14---Length:12.01mm--Width:3.77mm---Height:4.05mm

Young Ant Ice Jig

Dolphin Ice Jig

Bettle Ice Jig

Luminous Treble Hook

Enjoy Your Ice Fishing Time!