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Haihong Harnesses Kite Hook Safety-Knives Paragliding Skydiving with Pocket 2020 Red/Black Sk16

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  • Two opposing Stainless steel cutting blades, combined with a 45-Degree angle of blade, the cutting is very powerful and several times sharper than other cutting tools.
  • Sheath for easy harnesses attachment anywhere on your harnesses, a special encrypted webbing is securely attached to your safety belt and will not fall off easily
  • Pocket allows you to slip up to a 2" strap throungh to attach It, clever design, easy to operate, finger cloil offers quick, confident use
  • Anodized zinc alloy Handle and Stainless steel blads, highly visual, Red enciphered special ribbon+ grip
  • Cuts flying lines in an emergency during kite surfing or rescue situations, don't be without It on the big outdoor activities

Product Description

Blade features

The cutter is specially customized 420 stainless Steel blades, durable, extremely sharp, fast cutting fishing nets, ropes.... underwater for a long time, not easy to rust. The there screws on the case lock the blade securely.

A close-up of the knife shell

The knife shell is made of zinc alloy, Strong and durable. The angle design is reasonable, can protect the finger from Cuts and scratches very well.

Accessories packet

  • The product is equipped with high strength nylon knife bag, the magic hook face on the bag and the magic hair face on the tool can stick together well. not easy to lose. There is a 25 cm ribbon on the bag surface, and the nylon car Wire is fixed on the Pe board. can pass through 2 inches webbing, easy to fix on the back of flying webbing belt, etc.

Usage scenario

When you do all kinds of outdoor activities, such as Kite surfing, paragliding, diving swimming, extreme Mountaineering, road trips....

There was always danger, and then the beautiful Knife could show here strength.

Convenient small Body, practical and sharp blade, Fast cutting ropes, nets, Safety belts....

Help you quickly out of entanglement, out of danger!!!

Brand product parameters

Brand haihong
Designation Zinc alloy wire cutter
Texture 420 stainless steel blade+ zinc alloy cutter case +pp encrypted and velcro
Weight 81.23g
Specification with pp ribbon 15cm×3cm nose angle 3cm×1cm
Colour Black/Red
Trait Long-term use, not easy to rust; It is widely used in many occasions; well designed and extremly sharp.