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HNBSTST Vertical Climber Stepper, Heavy-Duty Sports Climbing Type Adjustable Height Folding Foldable Sports, Stair Stepper, Indoor/Fitness Exercise Trainer with Monitor

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  • √ Efficient fitness: Through this mountaineering method, almost every core muscle group can be exercised throughout the body to achieve short-term, high-intensity full-body exercise effects.
  • √Sturdy structure: The vertical rock climbing machine is made of thick steel, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 150kg. Four metal slide rails maintain stability and durability.
  • √Adjustable design: The height of the stepper is adjustable, and the height range is 175.26-215.9cm. There are 5 adjustable holes, suitable for people of different heights. Different holes show different resistances.
  • √LCD screen: record calories, time, time, let you know the effect of exercise at any time, and make a more scientific and reasonable fitness plan.
  • √Intimate design: foldable function, foldable storage when not in use, so the device will not take up too much space at home. At the same time, the non-slip pedal can ensure that you will not fall during use.

Technical index
Name: Vertical climber
Material: Steel
Bearing weight: 150Kg
Telescopic gear: 5 gears adjustable
Design: foldable storage
Handle: non-slip foam handle
Vertical rock climbing machine for tight legs, well-trained hips and clear arms.
Ideal for your family: small footprint, easy storage and easy use
Vertical climbers can perform effective whole-body training to build muscles and
Strong legs, tight hips, flat abdomen and well-defined arms
Joint training-suitable for beginners
Height-adjustable handle-adapt to body size
The perfect home trainer: small footprint, easy to store, no noise during use
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