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Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat/Waterproof Dry-Bag for Surfers

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Color: Black
  • 🏄‍♂️ PROTECT YOUR WETSUIT: Wetsuits are expensive, and they deteriorate much faster when rubbed with dirt and debris. Changing on this mat prevents your suit from getting dirty, thus extending its life.
  • 🚗 PROTECT YOUR CAR: After you change out of your wet wetsuit, tighten the drawstring on the mat, and it turns into a dry bag! No more wet, smelly car after you surf.
  • 👍 Pairs perfectly with our Changing Poncho (as seen in main image)
  • 💪 PORTABLE, DURABLE, and EASY TO USE. Fabricated with lightweight yet strong waterproof material (new, more durable material for 2019), the mat measures 29 inches across when laid out flat. Storage bag included for when mat is not being used.
  • 💯 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: As with all of our products, if you are not completely satisfied for ANY reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Product Description

Wetsuit Changing Mat / Dry-Bag

Changing in and out of your wetsuit in a dirty parking lot or on the beach can spell DISASTER for your wetsuit! The dirt makes its way into the neoprene and deteriorates the material.

When you change on this mat, the dirt stays off your wetsuit, and your damp wetsuit stays off your car.

Join thousands of Ho Stevie! fans, and protect your wetsuit and car with this changing mat / dry bag.

Wetsuit Changing Mat / Dry-Bag Features

  • Durable waterproof material
  • Protect your wetsuit and extend its life
  • Keep your car dry while transporting your wetsuit after surfing
  • Large enough to hold wetsuit and towel

How To Use Wetsuit Changing Mat / Dry Bag

Spread the mat on the ground. (If you used it previously, shake out any dirt or sand before laying it out). Stand on the mat while changing in and out of your wetsuit. This way your wetsuit stays protected from all the dirt on the ground.

After changing out of your wet wetsuit, lift up on the drawstrings to cinch the bag shut.

Now you can throw the dry-bag in your car without getting your car wet or smelly.