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HOTWAVE Portable Exercise Equipment with 16 Gym Accessories.20 in 1 Push up Board Fitness,Resistance Bands with Ab Roller Wheel,Pilates Bar.Strength Training for Man,Full Body Workout Machine at Home

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  • 【ALL IN ONE HOME WORKOUT EQUIPMENT SYSTEM】HOTWAVE Portable Exercise Pack is used with various workout equipment attachments:foldable Pushup board,3-section Bar,4 Resistance Bands, 2Ankle Strap,door nachor,Ab roller wheel,which can fulfill most of your workout needs in the gym
  • 【Unique Push Up Board】The unique appearance of custom design is fashionable and efficient.Working out the right muscle groups according to the color area improves exercise efficiency by 40%.Target (chest, triceps, shoulders, back) for maximum effect
  • 【Portable Home Gym】 Howave is designed to replace bulky equipment and machines in gyms and combine them into one creative workout concept.It's a home gym that you can take anywhere, work your whole body out, take up no space, and save you the expensive cost of a gym.
  • 【Fitness System for Anyone】For this versatile home portable fitness device, we've kept the professional pushups training, added foldable fitness bars and wrist/ankle straps, Ab roller wheel and 4 resistance bands so You can perform more exercises. Light but stable enough. You can choose the intensity according to your ability.
  • 【Professional Sports Brand】We are to develop more creative home exercise equipment to help you with upper or lower body exercise, strength training or aerobic exercise, physical therapy.You can exercise and burn calories anytime, anywhere. If you have any problem, please contact us and we will give you the solution within 24 hours.

Product Description

1 pushup exercise equipment 2 Resistance bands&handle 3 Portable exercise system 4 The ultimate portable gym

Different color areas, exercise different muscle groups

Functional introduction and fitness guidance

A complete set of fitness system, complete fitness accessories.

The complete pushup fitness system can complete more than 50 different exercise modes, different combinations and matches to help you complete the exercise of different muscle parts, portable gym can replace the traditional large fitness machine, help you portable and save space.

Hotwave Push Up Board Series Product Comparison

Pushup board material
High quality ABS High quality ABS High quality ABS High quality ABS High quality ABS
7.7 lbs 4.55 lbs 6 lbs 3.7 lbs 3 lbs
fitness bar
Resistance bands
AB roller

What parts of the body can this fitness equipment exercise?

This ultimate push-up system works the whole body and is a perfect replacement for the huge equipment at the gym.

Can it withstand more than 200 pounds of pressure?

Yes, you can rest assured to exercise, it is a safe and stable system, using high quality ABS as the push-up board. Don't worry if you're a big guy!

What is its advantage over other brands of push-up board?

It has a unique look and a newly invented ALL-IN-ONE workout system. that can not only meet the needs of push-up exercise, but also can perform more exercises, such as squats, ab workout, resistance band system