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Hyacinth 10PCS Premium Bike Shift Cable, Professional Bicycle Shift Wire Kit for Mountain and Road Bicycle, for Free 5 O-Rings, 10 End Ferrules and 20 End Caps

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  • 【CORROSION RESISTANCE】 - The shift cable is made of highest standard zinc-coated, Each cable consists of 12 wires. it can provide smooth movement and higher corrosion resistance, strong durable.
  • 【PERFECT KIT】 - It has everything you need: you can get enough O-rings, sheath ferrules and end caps for free, two different length front and rear cables. Fortunately it is long enough to work perfectly on your bike, fit for tandem bike too.
  • 【SMOOTH OPERATION】 - Low-friction and Strong slick cable, suitable for speed control system, help you adjust speed. i suggest you used a Dremel tool with abrasive when you want to cut off the shift cable, Please wear the caps on the cables when using them to prevent the cable end being scratched.
  • 【WIDELY USAGES】 - Used by professionals. fit most bikes, for example MTB, road bike, BMX bike, folding bike, recreational cycling.
  • 【WARM TIPS】 - Keep in mind, after installing new cables, you'll need to adjust tension after some riding as cables "stretch" to the full length with tension applied.

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Produce Specification
Material: stainless steel with zinc-coated
Front Shift Cable Length*Width: 1550mm*1.2mm
Rear Shift Cable Length*Width: 2100mm*1.2mm
Cable End Cap Length*Width: 15mm*4mm
Cable End Ferrule Length*Width: 12mm*2mm
Clear Silicone O-Ring Length*Width:9mm*6mm

Lifetime Guarantee
Hyacinth provides a lifetime guarantee on our products. You will have full refund or return as you wish during the guarantee periods.

Package Including
10*Shift Cable Wire (5*Front, 5*Rear)
5*Clear Silicone O-Rings(For Free)
10*Cable End Ferrules(For Free)
20*Cable End Caps (For Free)