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MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag 5L/10L/20L/30L/40L, Roll Top Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Swimming, Camping, Hiking, Beach, Fishing

Original price $18.90 - Original price $41.90
Original price
$18.90 - $41.90
Current price $22.90
Color: Black
Size: 10L
  • Durable and Compact: Made from ripstop tarpaulin with sturdy welded seam which is designed for years usage, tear, rip and puncture proof. Perfect for almost any extreme adventure you can imagine.
  • Waterproof Guarantee: Solid roll-top closure system provides secure watertight seal. Keeps your gear dry in any wet situation where the bag is not fully submerged. Protects your valuables from water, snow, mud and sand.
  • Easy Operation and Cleaning: Just put your gear in bag, grab top woven tape and roll down tightly 3 to 5 times and then plug buckle to complete seal, whole process is very quick. Dry sack is easy to wipe clean due to its smooth surface.
  • Multiple Sizes: 5 Liter to 40 Liter to meet your demands on different occasions. 5L, 10L include one adjustable and removable shoulder strap for cross-body, 20L, 30L, 40L include two straps for backpack style carrying.
  • Versatility: The dry sack can float on water after being rolled and buckled, so you can track your gears easily. Perfect for boating, kayaking, paddling, sailing, canoeing, surfing or having fun on the beach. A nice Holiday Gift for families and friends.

Product Description

MARCHWAY Waterproof Dry bag, Your Perfect Water Sport Companion

MARCHWAY designers firmly believe that protect your valuables is crucial for keeping a good mood during your outdoor adventures. So we designed this dry bag to keep your stuff dry, clean, safe and protect them from rain, snow, sand, dust and mud to ensure you enjoy outdoors without worry.

Whichever adventure you are going on, such as kayaking, canoeing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping, backapcking, our bag is the gear you can truly reply on. It is perfect to keep your stuff dry in any wet condition where the bag is not submerged. Its waterproof, light, compact and durable features determine that it must be an essential part of your outdoor gear kit!

Attention: The dry bag is not specifically designed for diving, so do not submerge the bag fully under water for more than couple of seconds.

​Shoulder Strap:

5L ,10L include single detachable strap for cross-body or over the shoulder carrying.

20L, 30L include double detachable straps, you can use either one strap for cross-body, or use two straps as backpack.

​40L includes non-detachable double straps.

Why our bags are worth having

What makes this bag so trustworthy:

  • Highest quality thick 500D tarpaulin which is an ultra tough waterproof fabric, resisting tear, abrasion, strong enough to use in most harsh condition. However it keeps soft and touches smooth even in extremely cold season.
  • Simple roll down top seal system allows for secure air tight protection against water.
  • Advanced thermo welding craft ensures flawless waterproof construction.
  • With adjustable and detachable shoulder strap suitable for different body types and various carrying styles. Except the 40L straps are not detachable due to its capacity.
  • Easy to fold, portable and convenient to store.
  • Bag will float on water after the seal is closed so you can track your gears easily.

10, 20, 30 and 40 Liter Dry Bag Application

Where are our 10L, 20L, 30L and 40L bags to be used:

  • 5L dry bag is compact, suitable for protecting small items such as wallet, keys, towel, glasses, compass etc. It is also popular with kids.
  • 10L dry bag is a moderate size, practical for packing small possessions for short trip. Suitable for protecting sweater, toiletries, flashlight, phone, notebook, water bottle etc.
  • 20L dry bag backpack is big enough to carry items you need for a day trip. Suitable for protecting clothes, shoes, tablet PC, bath towel, telescope, camera, handtools, food container etc.
  • 30L dry bag backpack is for the trips more than a day. Suitable for protecting more clothes, survival kits, parachute hammock, poncho, water containers etc.
  • 40L dry bag backpack provides gear protection for a trip that will last up to a week: two people's clothes, small sleeping bag, wetsuit, air mattress etc.
  • Size and Weight Specification ( Bottom Diameter x Height before rolling) ​

5L: 6.9" x 15",0.53 LB; 10L: 7.8" x 19", 0.66 LB; 20L: 9.2" x 22", 0.9 LB ​

30L: 9.7" x 25.8", 1.48 LB; 40L: 11.9" x 26", 1.63 LB

How to Seal the Roll Top Closure

Step 1: Put items into the bag, grab black strap on top of the bag and align the ends of the strap.

Step 2: Roll down 3 to 5 times along the top of the bag untill you feel the air left in bag is proper. The more tightly rolled, the better waterproof performance.

Step 3: Connect the buckle to complete the seal. The buckle and strap form a natural handle.