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MAUMI Rowing Machine Seat Cushion Seat Pad for Concept 2 Rowing Machine D Waterrower and Any Other Rower - Accessories for Training on Rowerg Row Machine and Water Rower Rowing Machine

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  • PERFECT CUSHION ✔️ Foam Material provides nice padding even for longer trainings and prevents from any pain - Thickness 0,6IN / 15mm for nice Cushion and good performance on Rower Machine for Home and Gym !
  • UNIVERSAL ✔️ Fits on Concept2 Rower Waterrower Sunny Health or any other Rowing Machines - Just lay the Pad on the Rower Concept2 Seat and enjoy Training - Will fit on your Rower !
  • ANTI SLIP ✔️ No enoying slipping during training even at high Stroke Rates - Feel comfy and safe during with MAUMI Row Pad Rower Seat Cushion - Increase your Performance comfortable and without butt pain !
  • DURABLE ✔️ The Pad material is High Resistance and is Designed to last - Quality Engineering in Germany - You will have long pleasure with this Seat Pad !
  • PRACTICALLY ✔️ Easy to carry in your Fitness Bag on the way to Gym or Rowing Club - Foldable Material and Easy transportable - Always have your Seat Pad with me when training !

Finally there is a seat cushion which fulfilled the demands of competitive sport and hobby athletes . With years of experience in the sport of rowing our Seat Pad has been developed and constantly optimized for you. It was important for us to find the perfect balance between comfort and performance. Long sessions several times a week should be possible without the butt becoming a limiting factor. With a high training volume, painful pressure points, irritation points or even open wounds can quickly develop. This is completely prevented with our seat pad. On the other hand, we also did not want to cushion too much, that you has the feeling to lose contact to the ergometer and sitting too high. If the sitting position becomes too high, it is no longer possible to apply force to the legs at the correct angle. As a result, the performance is reduced and worst possible injuries may occur. The 0,6IN / 15mm thickness is perfect for comfort and performance.
- This seat pad will do your butt well
- with the seat cushion even long workouts become super easy
- Seat Pad has been specially designed for the Concept2 Indoorrower
-12mm thick neoprene-like plastic that is non-slip
- The training is becomes comfortable without pressure and sore spots
- Durable and robust material
- perfect for training on the Concept2 rowing ergometer
- non-slip surface which prevents sliding back and forth on the rolling seat
- 0,6IN / 15mm padding is perfect to cushion the buttocks very well, at the same time you do not feel too high to sit
- After training the sweat can simply be washed off as water resistant material
- fits in every sports bag
- In the gym, you will save yourself sitting directly on a sweaty seat