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MAZERLY 3D Bass Fishing Lure for Freshwater Saltwater Fish – Lifelike Colorful Swimbaits with Double Treble Hooks – Slow Sinking Hard Plastic Minnow Bait for Trout Walleye and Redfish

by Mazerly
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$9.90 - $22.90
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Color: Yellow
  • ATTRACT HUNGRY BASS with realistic-looking Mazerly Fishing Lures. With shimmering scales and 3D eyes, they help to reflect the light and attract the attention of fish, quickly elevating you to elite angler status.
  • HARDBODY SWIMBAITS made of resilient ABS plastic are slow-sinking and have BBs that rattle with any movement of the lures. This makes large mouth bass more curious to investigate and positions you for greater fishing success.
  • DUAL 6# TREBLE HOOKS are strategically located at the middle and back end of Mazerly Bass Lures. These high-carbon steel fish hooks are corrosion-resistant and barbed for extra penetration and fewer stories of the ones that got away.
  • AVAILABLE IN 6 COLORS for an array of fishing depths and conditions, Mazerly Freshwater Fishing Lures for bass come in black, pink, orange, blue, green and yellow. Adapt to your angling environment and increase your catch rate.
  • MAKE HIM SMILE with 1 or more of these premium bass bait lures for birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day. Your dad, boyfriend or husband will be ecstatic to add Mazerly 3D Hard Bass Baits and Lures to his fishing tackle.

Tempt more trophy-size bass

Attract the wisest fish in the lake with these realistic-looking 3D hard fishing baits and lures for bass. With stereoscopic eyes and sun-catching scales like those of tasty little minnows, Mazerly Bass Lures are irresistible as you are winding them in. Their sleek profiles allow them to track true through rivers, lakes and ponds so fish think they are getting the real deal. Available in your choice of black, pink, orange, blue, green and yellow, they allow you to fish in waters of different depths to mimic the natural prey of bass.

The sweet sound of fishing success

Slow-sinking Mazerly Swimbaits for bass fishing are outfitted with metal BBs that, as the lure is pulled through the water, make rattling sounds. Heard beneath the water, bass are compelled to investigate the sounds and strike on your line. Equipped with double 6# treble hooks that boast razor-sharp barbs for more reliable penetration, Mazerly hooks are practically infallible when it comes to landing the catch-of-the-day.

There for every cast

These long-lasting bass fishing lures are made of all-weather ABS plastic with non-corrosive high carbon steel hooks and swivel rings. They are designed to endure saltwater, freshwater, and brackish water season after season. Elevate your own bass fishing kit or delight the angler in your life by decking-out their bass fishing gear when you bestow them as fishing gifts for Christmas, birthday, or Father's Day.

Entice more fish to strike your line. Add Mazerly Bass Lures to your fishing gear today.