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Mozt2 Snorkel Mask Full Face - Full Face Snorkel Mask Adult and Kids - Easy Breathe CO2 Safe - Foldable 180˚ Panoramic View Flat Lens - Snorkel Set - Snorkeling Gear

by Mozt2
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Color: Black Blue
Size: Small to Medium
  • ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES; Enjoy a 180 DEGREE PANNORAMIC VIEW, ANTI FOG DRY DESIGN (breath through mouth AND nose in a separate chamber to prevent the viewing area from fogging up), FLAT LENS DESIGN (prevents dizziness and headaches caused by curved lens masks), FOLDING SNORKEL (makes it smaller and easier to pack away) and a DETACHABLE CAMERA MOUNT to share your great videos. Then pack your Snorkel Mask Full Face away in its stylish MESH BAG
  • HIGHEST QUALITY SNORKELING GEAR; Only the best dive mask or snorkel gear is good enough for our customers. With every Full Face Mask we make use of Medical Liquid Silicon to create the best possible seal to your face as well as creating real comfort. As for the hard parts, we use high grade Polycarbonate which is strong and durable and should result in many years of enjoyment with your snorkeling mask
  • ALL LEVELS OF SNORKELERS; Our Snorkeling Masks suits NOVICE snorkelers and KIDS as the floating ball snorkel prevents water from entering the Full Face Mask whilst diving down. EASY BREATHING is also important and is achieved through the snorkel's wide tube which is SOLELY used for inhaling. No snorkel space is needed for exhaling as is the case with other masks. ADVANCED snorkelers and ADULTS will experience pleasant, uninterrupted dives due to the Panoramic View through the Flat, Anti Fog Lens
  • SAFE AGAINST CARBON DIOXIDE BUILD UP; In- and exhaling usually takes place in one cavity in the mask, so fresh and old air mixes. Exhaling push this mixed air out through the mask’s snorkel, but as mixed air remains in this cavity, your next breath contains dangerous CO2. Not only does MozT2 masks have a separate compartment where CO2 is kept separate from fresh air, but we also push CO2 immediately out through the side of the mask (the quickest way out) and not through the snorkel
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; We at MozT2 are so confident in the quality of our Full Face Snorkel Set, that should you experience any manufacturer defect, simply register your product on our website and contact us with a description of the defect. We will gladly give you a full refund or do an exchange. Please know that we constantly aim for perfection and subsequently try to correct possible flaws, so please know that we may request additional information on the swim mask’s defect