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Naturehike 28L High Visible Safety Swim Buoy - Ultralight Bubble Tow Float and Dry Bag for Open Water Swimming Kayaking Snorkeling Diving Trailing with Adjustable Waist Belt

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$49.90 - $49.90
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Color: Fluorescent Orange
  • 100% Satisfaction -- We stand behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your Naturehike backpack tent for any reason, simply write us & receive a full refund.
  • 🏊Be Bright, Be Seen & Be Safe - Highest visible fluorescent color make sure it can be seen from miles away no matter in rainy or cloudy weather, Increase our visibility for people boating, fishing and surfing, also can keep dangerous water or sea animals away, provides a safe way to float and rest during your swims.
  • 🏊Be Strong, Be Durable & Be Safer - Made with superior scratch-resistant Nylon fabric material, guarantee leak-free made, provides a long lasting water proof protection for your belongings, strong enough to rest on at the end of your swim.
  • 🏊Be Large - 28L large size with plenty air can easily keep you floating on water, large size can easily be seen than only 15L size, large size can keep dangerous animals away, large size can storage plenty inside.
  • 🏊Be Lightweight - Only 1.32lbs won't be heavy yet will be your lifeguard while your are having fun in waves, can easily be packed in your suitcase when you plan for travel, best choice for those are looking for a simple swimming buoy or nice travel dry sack without too much additional weight.
  • 🏊Be Multi use - Not only a safety swim buoy, also a great dry bag for storage of personal items when Travel or play water sports like Training Kayaking Fishing Snorkelling Diving Surfing, keeps personal belongings dry like sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, extra cap and goggles, running shoes, socks and clothes, diving mask, snorkel, camera, water shoes, iPod, book, snacks, water, gels, cash, credit cards, insurance card, car keys, cell phone, heart-rate monitor, asthma inhaler or medicine.

Product Description

Naturehike Swim Buoy is a Swimming Safety Float and a Trusted Companion for Open Water Swimmers.

Found on 2005, Naturehike focused on research and development light outdoor gear for more than 10 years, accumulated a lot of experience on producing light and portable our door gears. Our purpose is to provide a excellent outdoor adventure for every user of Naturehike, make their trip lighter and more comfortable, provide every Naturehike user with a home away from home.

Highly Visible Color

The marine grade PVC used to craft our flotation bags is a bright color, thus increasing its visibility when swimming open water, snorkeling & diving. (Does NOT replace personal flotation devices.)

All Purpose Float Bags

Use it as a jet ski buoy, a buoy for boat cruising, an open water swim buoy or a float dry bag for kayak trips. Can also be used as canoe float bags, buoy training aid, a buoy for swimming pools + so much more. Recommended For: open water swimming or diving, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, boating, competing in long distance swim competitions, lifeguard safety training and whitewater rafting.

Durable And Lightweight

Durable, Lightweight

This flotation cushion is strong, super durable & the interior is 100% weather-resistant when locked. Though it is rugged & heavy duty, the inflatable buoy is also conveniently lightweight & easy to pack.

Adjustable Waist Belt

Fitted with an adjustable buckle strap waistband, the swimming float bag never inhibits your ability to swim freely & comfortably. You'll even swim much faster since you won't have to hold anything by hand!

Instructions for use

1. Open the main compartment to store personal items.

2. Fold over the blue strip 3-4 times and attach the buckle.

3. Screw open the mouthpiece cap and inflate the air compartment

4. Put the belt around your waist and adjust so that it fits tightly.

5. Before swimming, ensure there is no leakage by submerging the buoy.

Large Pouch Capacity

With a 28L capacity, our swimming buoy is big enough to hold all of your swim gear & keep it dry. Load it with a towel, your swim goggles, a dry swimsuit, your wallet, your car keys, water shoes, etc.