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Nomad Outfitters | Maverick 30L - Waterproof Backpack Roll-Top Dry Bag for Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Surfing, Hiking, Camping, Fishing

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$93.90 - $93.90
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  • Heavyweight and Handsome TPU Construction - Waterproof, Durable, Smooth to Touch
  • Waterproof Closure - The roll top sealing system provides ultimate protection in wet conditions
  • Multiple Gear Carry Option - 6 Stage Daisy Chain, 4 Strap Gear Loops
  • Ergonomically Comfortable --- Padded and sweat wicking back panel with waist, sternum, and reinforced contoured shoulder straps provide ultimate comfort by taking the weight off your back
  • Multiple Applications --- With its waterproof features, the dry sack is great for Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Diving, or just around town

Product Description

MAVERICK 30L | High Performance Dry Pack

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We here at Nomad Outfitters, after having had years of experience as a professional river and back-country guide service, have designed a tough and stylish dry pack for nearly every purpose, environment and application.

The Nomad Outfitters MAVERICK 30L is not your everyday dry pack. This cutting-edge and stylish dry pack is just at home on the river as it is on a cross-country bike trip, alpine hike, or simply around town. Thanks to its advanced and handsome TPU coated woven tarpaulin construction, the MAVERICK 30L is a durable, flexible and smooth to the touch waterproof performance dry pack for any environment and use application. Unlike common dry bags, this backpack has reinforced sternum and waist belts enabling it to be as proficient on a long hike as it is on the river or paddleboard. Complete with a 6 Stage Daisy Chain gear loop, which enables multiple mounting and gear carry options; 3 water-resistant external zippered storage pockets; 4 strap mounted gear loops; a side-mounted water bottle net; two high visibility strap reflectors; a secure roll-top closure that doubles as a handle; and 30L worth of internal waterproof storage, The MAVERICK 30L is stylishly up to any job.

Laden with features, the MAVERICK 30L has:

1.) High-Performance TPU Construction

2.) Waterproof Roll-Top Closure

3.) Breathable, padded and ergonomic back panel

4.) Reinforced and Padded Shoulder Straps

5.) Reinforced Hip Belt and adjustable Sternum Straps

6.) 6-Stage Daisy Chain gear loop

7.) 4 strap-mounted gear loops

8.) A bottle net

9.) 3 water-resistant zipper pockets

10.) High visibility strap reflectors

When wet elements prevail the MAVERICK 30L excels; whether you're a fisherman, kayaker, rafter, hiker, snowboarder, paddleboarder, cross-country cyclist or motorcycle rider, this bag is up to the job.

Feature Laden and Stylish

  • You'll be hard-pressed to find a more feature rich dry pack. Whether you're hitting the trail, beach, river, road or planning a camping trip, the MAVERICK 30 will deliver.
  • Note: The water-resistant pockets are handy and splash-proof, but if you're in seriously wet or submersive conditions be sure to place valuables inside the roll-top bag.
  • FREE Waterproof Smartphone Case: for a limited time we are including a complementary IPX Waterproof smartphone case with each bag.

A Versatile and Equipped Dry Pack

Advanced TPU Durability

Thanks to its advanced and handsome TPU coated woven tarpaulin construction, the MAVERICK 30L is a durable, flexible and smooth to the touch waterproof performance dry pack for any environment and use application.

6-Stage Daisy Chain Gear Loops

A 6 Stage Daisy Chain gear loop, enables multiple mounting and gear carry options

4x Strap Gear-Loops & Reflectors

The external straps host 4 gear loops for easily accessible gear carry options, in addition to 2 high visibility reflectors for safety

Ergonomic Padded Back Panel

The padded and sweat wicking, breathable back panel and strap interiors provides comfort for extended wear.

Secure Roll-Top Closure

With a double or triple roll the secure roll-top closure enables waterproof interior protection and gear storage.

Water Bottle Net and Pockets

A water-bottle net enables the carry of various sizes of bottles. The 2 water resistant waist belt pockets offer easily accessible access to small items.

Hip Belt and Sternum Straps

The MAVERICK 30 features both a padded weight-bearing hip-belt and a fully-adjustable sternum strap for a secure and balanced fit when carrying heavy loads over long distances.

30L of Waterproof Carry

The MAVERICK 30 provides a full 30 liters of waterproof storage.

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