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ON the Fly Fly Rod Holder Is a Multi-Functional Fishing Rod Holder for Your Vehicle. Keep Your Fly Rod & Reel Safe While Driving Your Car or Truck and In-Place While You Tie on a Fly.

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  • A SAFE & COMPACT FLY ROD HOLDER - Fly Fishing enthusiasts now have a compact Fly Rod Holder that magnetically attaches to any vehicle. This fly fishing accessory is multi-functional and mounts easy.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - When arriving at a favorite fishing hole, detach the two holders and place them strategically on the side of your car. One part holds the fly rod and reel, the second holds the fly rod tip
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE - The “ON THE FLY” Fly Rod Holder Stores easily in your glove box, or almost anywhere else - the 2 fly rod holders lock together when not in use. When you are ready to go, attach the Fly Rod Holders to your door, roof, or wherever you want to place it on your car, truck, etc (as long as you have metal, the magnets will hold it in place!)
  • DRIVE UP TO 30MPH!! - Place your fly rod holders onto any safe location on your vehicle; now you can drive up to 30mph to your next fly fishing spot, even over bumpy roads, and your fly rods will stay in place
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Simply place the Fly Rod Holder to your car or truck and use it to hold your rod while tying on a fly, driving along a river to another fishing hole or simply to hold your fly rod safely in place against your vehicle

FINALLY, AN INNOVATIVE FLY ROD & REEL HOLDER FOR YOUR VEHICLE ON THE FLY - Fly Rod Holder Is Compact, Convenient and Multi-Functional

YES. The magnets have a rubber coating on the surface of each. This rubber protects a vehicle from any scratching or marks made from the magnets. Make sure your vehicle is clean of dirt and debris, this will help prevent any marks.

Will the magnets work on all parts of my vehicle?
NO. Most new vehicles have an engine hood that is of a composite material which magnets do not stick to. The material next to the hood and sides of vehicles will usually be metal which the Fly Rod Holder can adhere.

Can the Fly Rod Holder break?
A. The Fly Rod Holder is made of a tough & durable ABS material, but can break if it is dropped hard. The eye sockets, where the bungee balls insert will can break if dropped on.

How fast can I drive with the Fly Rod Holder attached to my vehicle?
A. The recommended maximum speed to travel with the Fly Rod Holder attached to a vehicle is 30 MPH.

Can I drive on bumpy back roads with the Fly Rod Holder on my vehicle?
A. YES. The magnets are incredible strong and should not move while you are traveling on rugged roads.