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OYOOQO Electric Pressure Outdoor Shower, 5 Gallons Portable Camping Shower and Rinse Kits for Surfing,Diving,Fishing,Road Trip,Caravan Trip,Pet Shower,12V Car Wash Outdoor Shower

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  • Configuration-Battery-powered outdoor water shower; 12-volt car lighter port-powered camping shower; 12-volt battery- operated water pump; pure copper brushless motor; 13-foot shower hose with water-conserving showerhead & high-pressure car wash gun & garden sprinkler with 7 outlet modes; two portable water bags; 5-gallon water tank with wet and dry separation. The device is powered by a built-in lithium battery or a 12V car charger. The lithium battery is charged by a 100 -240V household power
  • Features - Powerful booster system(power: 90 Watts; flow:6L/Min; pressue:03-0.8MPa). The large-capacity built-in lithium battery can provide a full charge of 45-55 minutes work (30 consecutive minutes). The water use rate is as high as 99%. You can add more water at any time. Spraying water pressure is not not limited by water level changes and water addition during use. Equipped with copper connectors for quick installation and extended service life.
  • Professional and Durable - German imported pure copper brushless motor, Strong power, waterproof and and anti-leakage. High-power high-end intelligent induction frequency conversion, automatic shutdown when water is off, more efficient and energy saving. Intelligent temperature control overheating protection is more secure. The durable 12000MA large-capacity built-in lithium battery makes the battery life longer.
  • Fast and easy operation- No tap water limit or power limit, if you want a shower, you can do it almost instantly. Just fill it with water (warm or hot water appr.122 ° f), connect the hose and nozzle with fast connectors, turn on the switch, then you can shower anywhere for camping/road trip/caravan travel/surfing / diving / fishing.
  • Multipurpose - Ideal for a wide variety of outdoor recreation, home and garden purposes. E.g. As portable shower for garden shower/pool shower/camping shower/pet shower. Used as a rinse kit for camping/road trip/caravan travel/surfing / diving / fishing. Used as a garden irrigation tool for watering plants/lawn. As a domestic helper, it is used to clean the dirt and mud on floors/walls/ balconies / patio / bicycles / cars / decks / farm facilities / fruits and vegetables, etc.

Product Description

OYOOQO is based on the needs of campers and aims to provide easier, faster, better outdoor cleaning solutions. In particular, our electric pressure showers are becoming more and more popular with campers and travelers. Whether it's camping on the beach, or road- tripping in the backcountry, you don't have to forego the soothing shower you deserve at home, and keep you and your equipment clean on the go.

Before we ship, we will use water to test each product, so when you receive the product if there is a small amount of residual water, it `s just normal, this is the residual water after our test, the product is definitely new, please don't misunderstand, thank you! !

With the holiday season just around the corner, many are planning their upcoming caravan and camping trips! To achieve the perfect trip, your plan may begin with searching the right camping gear and carefully selecting exactly what you need. Such as camping tents, backpacks, heaters, cookers, lights etc. Camping shower is also one of the essential equipment, do you think so? Imagine that for most outdoor events ( e.g. climbing / cycling / surfing / diving / fishing, etc.), after a long day of exercise, the sweat and mud on your body make you most want a quick shower, but there is no shower for miles. Don't you feel crazy? Thanks to the new portable shower OY-1901, outdoor cleanliness is now possible and incredibly easy.

OY-1901 brings you a easier and fast camping shower. There's no tap water limit (with 5 gallon water tank) or power limit (with 12000 ma built-in lithium battery) . If you want a shower, you can do it almost instantly. The operation is very simple, just fill it with water(warm or hot, 122 ° f is ok), connect the hose and nozzle ( through the quick connectors), turn on the switch, then you can shower anywhere.

OY-1901 has a well-matched pressure system(power:90W; flow:6L/Min; pressue:03-0.8MPa), and spraying water pressure is not restricted by water volume and water addition during use. You can add more at any time according to various purposes. Water use rate is up to 99%. When fully charged, it can give 40-45 mins of shower. The 5 gallon tank is the best size to carry with one hand. With two portable 2.5-gallon water bags that fit exactly in the 5-gallon tank, they help make it easier to store clean water and transport it to the camp.

OY-1901 comes with 10 kinds of special sprinklers for plant watering. It is also a good washer to simplifying the housework procedures, such as balcony cleaning, patio, furniture, dog house, bike, etc., so that your chores can be done easily and quickly! Make your home look new all the year round!

More and more pet dogs have become family members and are being cared for as children. Taking a regular bath is necessary, but it is definitely not an easy task. Pet hair can also clog sewers and make you headache! OY-1901 comes with its own water tank and power. Whether you live in a high-rise building or go camping, there is a great solution for your pet's outdoor cleaning!

There are more and more pet friendly caravan parks and camping grounds and more and more people would like to have a great time with their furry best friends. Have you given any thought as taking your dog to a camping trip next time? In fact many enjoyed having them beside as they will provide great company and forced you to walk a lot! With OY-1901 your dog can enjoys caravanning with you ever since. Let them run freely on the beach without worrying that sand and seawater will stain their bodies!

Please pay attention to: 1. Even if the battery is not used, the battery should be charged once a month. It is best to power the battery at any time after use. You don't have to fully charge each charge but you must not let it run out. 2. Each charge takes about 3 hours. After the battery is fully charged, the charging plug should be disconnected in time to end charging, and never overcharge. 3. Before storing in winter, please keep the pump running for one minute without water to ensure that the water in the pump is drained. This will help prevent the pump from freezing and causing a start-up failure in winter.

In order to make the product more durable, all our interfaces are made of copper!

Note: rechargeable lithium battery operated pump and non professional car washing water gun are used for daily cleaning of car dust!

Note: the 12V Car washing function of this machine should not be compared with professional car washing machine!

keep your camp gear and car clean on the go.

Note: The water tank cover cannot completely seal the water. If you want to carry and store water on the way, please use the two portable water bags provided.

Two 2.5-gallon water storage bags are sturdy and easy to carry, perfect for storing clean water taken from your home and filling a 5-gallon water tank at any time.

Upgrade points 1 : Replace the yellow plastic nozzle with the black and white stainless steel nozzle;

Upgrade points 2 : Change the black hose to the white braided hose.(Black hose working pressure: 10kg/c㎡; White braide hose working pressure: 20kg/c㎡)