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PELLIOT Ultralight Foam Mattress Camping Foam Sleeping Pad Waterproof Soft Mat Adults Picnic Yoga Mats Children'S Crawling Mats Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

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Color: champagne
  • 【PERFECT SIZE】 Unfold size: 72.8in/185cm (L) x 22.5in/57cm (W) x 0.78in/2cm (H). Fold size: 22.5in/57cm (L) x 6.1in/15.5cm (W) x 5.1in/13cm(H)
  • 【Extra Durable】Virtually indestructible closed-cell foam provides lasting, economical comfortable sleeping experience.
  • 【EXTRA WARMTH】 Thermal capture surface on foam camping mat reflects radiant heat back to your body, amplifying the warmth of the heat-trapping nest by 20%.
  • 【SPACE SAVING】Pelliot foam sleeping pad for camping features egg shape design and accordion-style design. Peaks and valleys work together to reinforce support capacity and trap nest one to another inside to save space when packed. Folding design is compact and easy to pack.
  • 【Use occasion】This moisture-proof pad can protect your body from moisture during long outdoor camping.You can use it for a seat and hammock also can protects inflateable mattress

Product Description

Application: It is the best partner of you for indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable for camping and traveling at car, lawn, terrain, area level.

  • A sleeping mat perfect for camping, hiking, climbing, picnic, and other outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Can be a mat for sleeping on, protection from rocks and dirt.
  • Can use as a small seat in folded form when in the woods, sitting around the fire or similar.
  • Use it for floor exercise, stretching, or lying on. Can either be used as a sleeping mat or even an exercise mat for yoga classes.
  • Can fold it in half for a sitting mat, or pitched at side of a wall as a seat beneath and a backrest behind.
  • while you can also sit on it when completely folded, as an elevated seat above the ground.

Brilliant in every way, build, comfort, thermal properties, weight and cost. Widely used, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

It has good resistance and can be restored to its original shape in 3 seconds after being pressed by hand.IXPE is smooth. You will feel very comfortable when you lie down on the mat.

The shape of the ovum is soft and comfortable, this shape does not change the weight of the situation, which greatly increases comfort.

Silver IXPE Aluminum membrane Isolates from the ground humidity and extra thick coating surface on sleeping pad reflects radiant heat back to your body, making sleeping on the ground more comfortable and warm.

With a thickness of 20 mm

Package includes:

1 * Foam Mat

1 * Mesh Bag

2 * Straps


Item Type: Foam Mat

Material: XPE

Weight: approx. 460g

Unfold size: 72.8in/185cm (L) x 22.5in/57cm (W) x 0.78in/2cm (H).

Fold size: 22.5in/57cm (L) x 6.1in/15.5cm (W) x 5.1in/13cm(H)

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